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Cu Lao Cham Tourism 2019 is always an extremely attractive tourist destination for you when traveling to Da Nang. I believe in the self-sufficient Cham Island tourism experience and this detail, will help you a lot in the upcoming Cu Lao Cham tour. They include information about the time to go, the Port, the means of transportation by Boat, Ca No, attractions, Hotels, dining ... In addition, I also share more about the experience of Cham Island tour. cheap, I have directly experienced ...


We hope that this information will help people have more experience in Cu Lao Cham tourism detail >>> and spend the most affordable price. Let's go and fully experience to see this place much more interesting than what I shared !!!




Cu Lao Cham tourism is the point of tourism you should not ignore while intending to travel to Da Nang - Hoi An, because it is so beautiful, much more beautiful than what books often describe !


I am impressed with this place by the green beaches, clear water, by the gentle, naive people of the people here. And in particular, this place is striving to become an island without plastic bags. Seeing if you find using plastic bags on the island will be fined 500k, so remember to bring "eco bags" out instead of carrying plastic bags. If too many items, you can buy them at Cua Dai pier, they sell a lot!


I like the feeling of "gliding on the waves" when I can go on a trip to Cu Lao Cham island, but sometimes, I drive the boat while driving, throwing this side and the other side, a very "feeling" .hi.


I love the lightness and peace when floating in the small boat running around the island. Then this place is also a place for me to know the feeling of enjoyment when diving, watching coral.hihi coral. The experience of Cham Island tourism that I cannot forget.


Now and I believe later, Cu Lao Cham Travel 2019 is always one of the many tourist destinations selected by many readers when traveling to Da Nang.


Usually people often combine morning travel to Cu Lao Cham, come back to Hoi An in the afternoon, or go to Cu Lao Cham tour from Da Nang, Hoi An ... A few have a lot of time, then choose to travel to Cham Island. 2 days 1 night. Whatever you choose, as long as it suits your time, your desire


The following article will provide full details and guidance on the experience of Cham Island travel for 1 day. Besides, you should also refer to related travel experiences such as:

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If you want to travel to Cham Island, you should choose the period from March to August, which is the most reasonable, because this time is warm, not like the mainland, the sea is calm and clear, the weather is nice, little rain is favorable. convenient in both moving, visiting, taking photos when here.


Avoid traveling to Cham Island in September to February because the weather in the Central is quite bad, heavy rain, rough seas and Cu Lao Chàm are often isolated from the mainland. The weather is also cold and hard to watch and watch the coral and the Sea is not clear and calm.


How far is the distance from Da Nang and Hoi An to Cu Lao Cham?


+ Distance from Danang to Cu Lao Cham: Da Nang is about 42km from Cu Lao Cham including roads and sea. Experiment after the self-travel to Cham Island, I estimate the distance of moving road is 27km to Cua Dai port and 15km by sea.


+ The distance from Hoi An to Cu Lao Cham: Although Cua Dai port in Hoi An territory, moving from Old Town to the port takes about 10km. And plus 15km of sea route, the total distance also takes 25km.




Whether you travel to Cu Lao Cham from Da Nang or Hoi An or from elsewhere, you still have to visit one of the two terminals, Hoi An or Cua Dai.


To move to one of these 2 terminals, if you depart from Da Nang, you can choose to go by motorbike or car (taxi). The distance from Da Nang to these 2 berths is only about 30km, the road is very beautiful.


Beaches in Cu Lao Cham


The beaches here have created beautiful natural capital and local people and authorities have launched environmental preservation movements so Cu Lao Cham beaches are better kept clean, tourists are therefore on The more I pulled here, the more perfect travel services.


Comfortable beaches with clean white, clean sand, alternating between protruding cliffs to create abundance of geomorphic strata. At Bai Bac, Bai Chong, visitors will meet many big stone blocks that are natural round or overlap, creating sexy images with symbolic depth.


Along the coast from the North West to the South East of Hon Lao, there are beaches such as Bai Be, Bai Ruong, Bai Ong, Bai Lang, Bai Dang, Bai Chong, Bai Be, Bai Huong, Bai Tra and Bai No. The beaches are from 100m long (Bai Bac) to 700m (Bai Huong); Common width is 20m.

North Beach


Also known as Bai Bai, is a small beach located quite far from the center of the island. The sea here is quite beautiful, peaceful and untouched. This North Beach area is now available as a resort that includes a restaurant and a few small bungalows for guests. This is also the location selected for the conservation of marine turtles, in the future there may be tours to see hatching turtle eggs in Con Dao.




This beach is located between Bai Ong and Bai Be, the beach is quite small and not put into tourism, so there are not many visitors. Perhaps only suitable for those who travel by themselves like to explore.


Bai Ong


This can be considered the main beach when coming to Cu Lao Cham, where many homestays, restaurants and sea games are concentrated. Bai Ong with a long beach, wide white sandy beach and a row of green coconut trees runs along the sea.


Bai Lang


This is the central beach of Cu Lao Cham but cannot be used for tourism purposes, this area has a wharf where boats or canoes when coming to the island stop here. This area is more flat and convenient compared to the common ground on the island, so people often concentrate on living here.


Bai Reverse


From the central port, follow the road running along the sea on the right hand side (in the opposite direction to Bai Ong), the first beach you will meet is Bai Dang. This area is pristine sea, clear water is often chosen as a place for visitors to watch coral.


Bai Chong


You can call this the most tourist attraction on Cu Lao Cham island. With green vegetation and many natural water slots from the mountains, long sandy beaches and beautiful rocky beaches make Bai Chong much more interesting.


Bai Be


The beach is small, beautiful and quite untouched. The area of ​​Bau beach has a resort for tourists to choose, this is not a densely populated area, so it is not convenient if you intend to stay here overnight.


Bai Huong


One of the most crowded residential areas, currently in Bai Huong has about 100 households living, many of them have homestay services for tourists. People in Bai Huong live mainly by sea fishing, where it is still preserved almost intact the traditional fishing tradition of the inhabitants on Cu Lao Cham Island. Bai Huong also has a wharf to serve tourists coming straight here, because of this, the sea in Bai Huong area is quite difficult to experience swimming activities due to the passage of the ship to dock. However, it is possible to go to Bai Huong to enjoy fresh seafood caught from the people here.

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