Exercises to strengthen pelvis for Urinary Incontinence

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If you are someone suffering from bladder control problems such as urinary incontinence, then it is highly recommended that you indulge in some exercises to strengthen pelvis. These exercises are found to be beneficial for making your pelvic floor muscles stronger. Continue reading to know more.

Indulging in exercises to strengthen pelvis is an essential part of treating bladder diseases such as urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence refers to the involuntary release of urine which takes place when a person loses control over their bladder. This is one of the bladder leakage problems which mostly happens to the older adults but anyone at any age is at risk of succumbing to it. There are different types of urinary incontinence and the two most commonly occurring ones are Stress incontinence and Urge incontinence. Stress incontinence as the name suggests refers to a sudden pressure on your bladder while you cough, sneeze, jump, laugh and so on. Urge incontinence is the sudden urge to empty your bladder.

While it is a major physical comfort, it can also put you in immense emotional distress. People suffering from urinary incontinence, especially the older adults, often start staying indoors and avoid going out in public due to the fear of wetting their garments and embarrassing themselves in front of people. The treatment for urinary incontinence depends a lot on which type you have and how severe your condition is. The acute cases can often be treated with a few lifestyle and dietary changes but the chronic ones may need serious medical attention which could go on for some time. What is common in both cases is the usage of some incontinence supplies and indulging in activities such as exercise for bladder incontinence.

Indulging in these exercises helps a lot and gives a boost to the healing process. But, before beginning with any such activities, you should always take suggestions from your doctor and perform them under their supervision initially. Here are the two best exercises for you to try -

Kegel Exercises
If you are dealing with urinary incontinence for sometime now, you must be familiar with Kegel exercises. They are one of the most effective ones which can bring a considerable change to your bladder if done properly and consistently. The purpose of kegel exercises is to strengthening bladder control muscles which will give better control to your bladder and you will experience less and less urine leakage gradually. Also, you do not need any special arrangement or put special efforts to perform them. You can easily do them sitting on your desk, sofa, toilet or even laying in your bed.

To perform Kegel exercises all you have to do is pretend that you are trying to stop the urine from flowing on its own. Just pull and squeeze in those muscles for about ten to fifteen seconds and then release. Keep repeating it several times. It is recommended that you practice two to three sets of ten to fifteen repetitions each day. To see a major difference or a drastic change, you need to keep at it for at least two to three weeks.



Yoga is another effective form of exercise for urine leakage. As we already know that different postures of yoga helps in healing different diseases and for an ailing bladder, it is the Mula Bandha or the Root Lock posture. Like Kegel exercises, you need to keep practicing it for a few weeks to show results.

Incontinence supplies such as adult diapers are one of the best ones to try. They are comfortable, easy to use and are specially created to meet the specific needs of adults. Today, the market offers different variants of adult diapers for you to choose from and the best among all are the pant style adult diapers. The pant style diapers are created to give adults the freedom to go about a normal day without having to constantly worry about leakage or garment wetting. Since these diapers come in the pant style, they are to be worn like your regular underpants without having to tape it. Just pull it up your legs all the way to the waist and it will stay put. To remove, just simply pull it down.

These diapers are created with an exceptional quality waistband which helps you to easily pull it up and down without losing its elasticity. They also come with a super soft and comfortable material which is very absorbent in nature and therefore helps in soaking up six whole glasses of urine giving you several hours of protection as well. These qualities are what make them one of the best incontinence products online and offline. They are also very affordable and hence will fit under all budgets.

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