Excel Vs Minitab: Which One is The Best Software

by Stat Analytica CEO

Excel vs Minitab is the closest rival in the world. There are many similarities between Excel and Minitab. For this reason, students find it difficult to choose one of these two statistical programs. This time we will compare between Excel and Minitab to solve the student problem. This comparison will help you choose the best between these two. Let's start:

Excel vs Minitab


Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful software spreadsheets with a comprehensive application in the world. This is by far the most used spreadsheet program. Millions of companies and people around the world use Excel to manage their daily tasks. This is because you can insert all kinds of data into Excel. You can also do many financial, statistical and mathematical calculations.

In other words, it is used to record and analyze numerical data. As with other statistical programs, it is a collection of rows and columns. The numbers are assigned to rows, which is very useful. Row and column groups are called a cell.

The cell address is specified by column and row number with a hyphen. Microsoft Excel is one of the oldest spreadsheet programs. Launched in 1982, the upgraded version of MS Excel was introduced by Microsoft in 1987. From that day on, excellence has become more and more popular and more convenient for consumers. So this is the first choice for SMEs.

Minitab is not suitable for all types of users. It is specially designed for experts from Six Sigma. Sigma's six specialists are one of the most important factors in the business. They use minitabs for data analysis and improve the business process through their analysis. Six Sigma is all about quality management techniques.

They do many analyses to eliminate defects in products or services. Minitab was barbara F. Ryan, Thomas A. in 1972. Ryan Jr. and Brian L. Stoliar developed at the State University of Pennsylvania. You were an explorer at this university. Help you calculate and automate the process by creating minitab charts. In addition, users can focus more on analyzing the results of the data and its interpretation.


Microsoft Excel is not a single product for Microsoft. It is part of Microsoft Office. However, you can purchase MS Excel separately for now. MS Excel will spend about $129.99 to activate your computer immediately. You cannot install and activate it on another computer. It is compatible with the latest version of Windows 10 and offers multilingual support. I bought a licensed version of MS Excel from Buy Now

There are two types of licenses: one network in a year and a license for the other. You can buy Minitab or upgrade minitab to the latest version by paying a little bit of money.

For educational users, minitabs will cost US$49.99 for a 6-month rental of .29.99 and 12 months for rent. For a multi-user network, you need to contact them. For a user license, you have to spend 2348 AT at a time. If you upgrade the Minitab version to the latest version, you'll need to pay USD 1432.

Ease of learning

Excel provides a fully user-friendly interface for users. Excel's basic mathematical calculation sits easy to apply without prior training. Nowadays, there are many free platforms where you can learn Excel for free. When we talk about the ease of learning for beginners, it's easy for beginners to distinguish.

Microsoft has released the best support for freemium-based students' education. This means that some services or products are paid for their training area, while others are independent. In addition, you'll find many things like advanced, some ready-made models, expert advice and extensive training for expert advice directly from YouTube. You can join your community to answer all your questions about Excel. Get Microsoft training in Excel training.

Like MS Excel, Minitab also provides training to support users. But when you talk about ease of learning, it won't be as easy as MS Excel. It is popular with six sigma professionals. This means that if you want to perform specific tasks in Minitab, you need prior training.

Minitab officially offers users many training courses, as they are divided into two categories: production and services. You can also get more general training on the site and from Minitab. It also provides e-learning to its users. You can use e-learning from anywhere. Participate in the official Minitab training in Minitab Training.

Online Support

Microsoft Excel provides excellent online customer support. You can contact your experts with the help of your community or you can visit the department where you can write down your problems, and their experts will solve your problems as soon as possible.

Minitab beat MS Excel in this comparison period. It provides excellent customer support. Provides a variety of online customer support. You can retrieve a range of data and documents, download minitab plugins, videos, webinars, installations, blogs, software updates, licenses and activation.


Now you can be confident enough to choose the best between Excel vs Minitab; By comparison above, we have found that anyone can use MS Excel, and it is quite popular among small and medium enterprises.

Minitab, on the other hand, is used in educational, small, medium and large enterprises. Matlab is offering a lot of features that are not provided by Excel. But wait, if we talk about the cost of these two products, Excel is much cheaper than minitabs.

In addition you can meet all the primary needs of small and medium businesses. There are also many job opportunities in Excel. Minitab is also offering various job opportunities, but you need excellent command on the Minitab. Now it's up to you what you're going to learn between Excel vs Minitab.

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