Evolution and mechanism of mortise locks

by Sagar Chauhan Digital Marketing Analyst
These locks are a special type of lock which require a special space or pocket which is known as mortise. The mortise is cut on to the piece of the furniture to which the lock is fitted. Setting up these locks require a good amount of expertise because the pocket needs to be cut very neatly to get the lock fitted in it properly.

These locks are generally found in old buildings which were furnished long before the cylindrical locks were manufactured. When the cylindrical locks came up in the market, these traditional mortise locks lost its popularity. 

However, lately, the demand for these mortise locks is increasing greatly, especially for commercial use. Many top mortise lock dealers in Aligarh have come up into existence due to the increasing demand.

The evolution of mortise locks

Times locks were used widely in American countries during the second half of the eighteenth century. It was used as a part of the hardware attached to the door for locking it. Initially, these mortise locks had a different kind of mechanism. It had a special part for pulling so that the unlocked door can be opened. With time, innovation and changing preferences of the users, the pulls got replaced with knobs.

Till the next century, these innovative for locks were used only in the formal rooms of highly expensive houses and for the other rooms, traditional box or rim locks were used. It was because these mortise locks were very expensive. 

Moreover, it was not available widely in the market. The traditional locks owing special external nut bolt mechanism was found commonly in the market. They were different from the mortise locks because the box and rim locks had a latch which was installed to the outside surface of the door for locking it.

Mechanism of mortise locks

As described by the mortise lock Manufacturers in India, the locks can come up with a latch which is not used for locking purpose. It is operated with the help of the door handle. These kinds of locks are commonly known as sash locks. If the mortise lock does not own any special handle or latch, it is called as the deadlock. These locks are generally used as a backup to the sash lock.

These locks make use of lever locks mechanism and include parts like:
• The body of the lock
• The trim of the lock (knob, handle, pulls)
• A plate for striking 
• A keyed cylinder for operating the locking and unlocking of the lock.

As there are many mortise lock suppliers in Aligarh, while selling their service, make sure you buy good quality and correct locks. Ensure checking the certification parameters so that you invest your money in the purchase of a good and durable mortise lock.

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