Everything You Need to Know Regarding Trailer Sway

by Luis Jimenez Auto Transport And Manufacturing Business
If you own a trailer, then you might have experienced trailer sway at some point of time. Why exactly does it occur? And what can you do to prevent it.

Trailer sway happens when the trailer begins to move from side-to-side while being hauled by a tow vehicle. A few variables can add to this disagreeable experience and they are high speeds, flawed weight dispensing, loose tow ball or hitch, the breeze, tire weights, excess load, bad steering and a poorly designed trailer.

Car Hauler Trailer For SaleWind 

On a breezy day, this can play turmoil with anybody towing a trailer. The breeze tends to get under the trailer and pushes it from side to side. On days that are extremely windy, make sure to decrease speed to a point that encourages you to have better control of your trailer rather than the breeze.

Loose hitch or tow ball

A loose hitch or tow ball can make the trailer have excessive movement while being towed or it could likewise cause the tow ball to come off after it has been loose for sometime. It has the same result with the trailer hitch. As such, regularly inspect the tow ball hitch bolts of your trailer.

An excess of load or wrong weight disbursement 

In the event that a trailer has a lot of weight behind the back of its axle; it will make the trailer lean upwards leaving the weight on the tongue of your towing vehicle lightly. Assume, the towing vehicle's tongue weight is under 10% of the aggregate weight of the trailer; it will clearly make the trailer to start swaying. 

Here are certain tips that you can follow for avoiding trailer sway altogether: 

Drive at one pace consistently

  • Make it a point to drive within suggested speed limits.
  • The pace ought to be appropriate and agreeable for the one towing the trailer. 
  • The tow vehicle isn't driven at a pace that is excessively swift, making it impossible to make the trailer sway. 

Don’t correct the steering wheel too much

In the occasion where your trailer begins to sway, your prompt response is to get hold of your steering wheel and rectify the direction in which your trailer is swinging. In any case, this isn't the correct strategy to gain control over trailer sway; over rectifying the steering may make the trailer sway on the opposite side and at times, may likewise make the trailer jackknife and lead to an accident.

Maintaining a low speed

Decreasing the tow vehicle’s speed is the most secure approach to recover control of your trailer. Tow your trailer securely and make the most of your outback trips to the fullest.

Stay safe and avoid trailer sways. Happy towing!

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