Everything You Need to Know About Oral Cancer

by Akash Sharma Akash Sharma
The type of cancer that develops in the tissues of throat or mouth is called oral cancer which is further of many types. It actually belongs to a larger group of cancers called head and neck cancers. Most of them develop in the squamous cells of mouth, lips, and tongue. They are mostly discovered after they spread to the lymph nodes of the neck but are easily treated by the cancer specialists in Hyderabad and other big cities in India. 

Risk Factors 

Tobacco usage is the biggest risk factor for oral cancer. This also includes cigarette smoking, cigars, and pipes along with chewing tobacco. People who excessively consume alcohol and tobacco are at greater risk. Some other common risk factors include Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), chronic sun exposure, family history of oral or other types of cancer, weak immune system, poor nutrition, and genetic disorders. As per the facts, men are usually more prone to oral cancers than women. 


Oral cancer symptoms and treatments are interrelated and diagnosis is usually done by a dentist. A brush or tissue biopsy might be necessary as per the examination done by the doctor.  Sometimes, doctors might also perform tests like X-rays, CT scan, PET scan, MRI scan, and endoscopy to have a better understanding of the condition if any. 


•Surgery is usually done as a part of treatment at the early stages. It helps in removing the tumour and other cancerous lymph nodes. Along with these, sometimes the tissues around the mouth and neck might also be removed in the surgery. 

•Radiation therapy is another option in which doctor or medical practitioner aims radiation beams at the tumour once or twice a day, or other periods as per the treatment. For advanced stages, treatment usually involves a combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. 

•As a part of chemotherapy, drugs are prescribed to the patients to kill the cancer skills. The medicine is usually given orally or through intravenous (IV) line. Chemotherapy is done mostly on an outpatient basis but some may require hospitalization. 

•In targeted therapy form of treatment, targeted therapy drugs are prescribed which bind to specific proteins on the cancer cells and interfere with their growth. It is helpful and effective in both early and advanced stages of oral cancers. 

•Nutrition is a very important part of any kind of oral cancer treatment. Many treatments make it very difficult and painful to eat and patients suffer poor appetite and weight loss is also common. Discussing the diet with the doctor is important and mouth should be maintained healthy and teeth and gums should be clean. Taking advice from your nutritionist also helps in proper treatment and healthy recovery. Frequent visits to your doctor put you out of risk and you are less likely to suffer damage after the surgery. 

•No matter the treatment, if a person continues consuming alcohol and tobacco, everything else is a total waste. 

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