Everything You Need to Know About Natural Hair Colour

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The search for the best organic hair colour has always been a struggle. Everyone wants the benefit of playful quirky hair but most of us always side with caution especially since not all of us can afford to try on new, potentially hair damaging chemicals for the purposes of experimentation. Natural hair colour is relatively hard to find in a market where the competition soars through the roof.

While searching for the perfect hair colour, look out for the product which doesn’t damage your hair. You can try Indus Valley’s Natural Hair Colour which is a gel based formulation and is a truly organically natural hair colour. It is tested and well recommended by doctors for a natural way to look young, and youthful without the fear of damaging the hair. 

This damage-free hair colour is so recommended because it is a culmination of the benefits of 9 natural herbs which come together to bring out the natural shine in your hair, strip the scalp and the hair of potential bacteria and provide the moisture and nourishment they need.

Why Should You Switch to Natural Hair Colours?

Natural hair colours will never contain such harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Ammonia is used for opening up the upper layer of the hair during the colouring process so that the colour can be deposited on the cortex of the hair which inevitably makes the hair weaker. On the other hand, hair colours which contain PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) work on the hair texture in the form of a permanent hair dye to make the colour stay longer. However, PPD can cause severe skin allergies, is a sensitizing agent, resulting in severe itching, dryness and even disfiguration in extreme cases.

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Pro Tip: So for a damage-free hair colour, my suggestion to you would be Indus Valley’s Natural Hair Colour which is definitely the best organic hair colour in the market right now.

The organically natural hair colour gives 100% grey hair coverage and the gel-like consistency makes it easier to apply. Lack of PPD, other chemicals and heavy metals also makes it gentle for all skin types. This damage-free organic hair colour has lately caught up with the world since it has consistently remained the favourite of those who prefer to live naturally and with minimum damage to their bodies and skins.

How Can Natural Colour Benefit Your Hair?

The struggle of finding the best organic hair colour is real. The public, while purchasing hair colouring substances, today don’t just go with the sole purpose of maintaining that long luscious black hair. In fact, the definition of good looking hair for most of the discerning users is shining soft hair, healthy hair and damage-free hair. 

The use of a natural hair colour today is not limited to girls who want to experiment with their hair, make their hair go red, brown or blonde, but even the men folk have opened up to the experience of naturally organic hair colours. For this allows them to experiment with their hair colours without adding expensive shampoos, conditioners and smoothening treatments.  

A damage-free hair colour, therefore, is the most sought after product today when it comes to hair care. The major benefit of a Natural Hair Colour is that the herbs culminating in it additionally protect the hair and scalp from harmful UV rays of the sun. Honey, Amla, Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil are some ingredients to look out for while looking for a natural, damage-free hair colour.


Men and women alike understand the influence of a good hair style and the change a new hair colour can bring to their personality. Indus Valley Organic Hair Colour comes in 6 different shades from which you can choose giving yourself 6 different options of damage-free hair colouring. 

However, the desire to find your ideal hair colour is always accompanied by the struggle of finding that perfect hair colour. We all want playful hair which doesn’t cause too much harm and leaves our hair shining, soft and healthier than ever. So look out for the ingredients mentioned above the next time you go to buy an organically natural hair colour. 

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