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UK 49s Lottery originally came from London, United Kingdom. The 49s UK lottery is most famous gambling lottery among the Players. It is played in the United Kingdom. Many players play this lotto game. One of the main positive points of this game is that it is played online. It is not only limited to the UK. This game can be played with the help of internet. This lotto game follows the rules of national lottery of UK which started in 1996. UK lotto game has now become one of the world’s famous games. UK lottery game is quite interesting and loving for the gamblers. 

UK 49s Lotto game takes place twice in a day. The gamblers can try their luck two times in a day. Unfortunately, one loses once he can try again second time. The Draw takes place all the days in a week. It takes place seven days of the week. The lotto takes place twice, Lunchtime and the Teatime.

UK 49s game is a multi dimensional game. Here you can choose how much you are betting and how many turns you want to play. There are 49 numbers are in total. Six numbers are chosen by the player. The remaining balls become 43 and the player chooses a booster ball from these. The game is played in such a way and it is quite easy. There is no rocket science in it.

Some people finds gambling good and some finds in bad. In some communities it is allowed and in others it is negative. In Pakistan there is a ban on gambling. On the other hand in the western society it is allowed. Everyone finds it pleasurable. There are many gambling centers and bars in those societies. 

​Through gambling one can earn a lot of money or loses the all. It is interesting to play gambling. Gambling is an addiction because the players can’t stop playing it. The addiction goes on increasing as we keep playing it. Some players bet all of the money at once so they loses or doubles it. It is interesting in this way. 

Lunchtime lottery is held at noon 12:49 PM in according to UK time. It is known as UK Lunchtime lottery. The other lottery is held at 17:49 PM according to UK time. It is known as UK Teatime Lottery. A gambler can try his luck two times in a day. This game can be played through various gambling shops and through the offices which are present in the South Africa. 

It is the choice of the gambler that whether they want to draw one number or five numbers. It also depends on the gambler that whether they want to include booster ball or not. The players can win if all the numbers he selects are drawn. On the other way he loses. The rates of the bet are not fixed so; the amount is set by the gamblers. It depends on the player that how much he bets. On winning he gets double the amount and on losing he losses all the money he betted on.   

There are 49 numbers and the player has to choose 1 to 5 numbers. The player can select himself or he can ask for dip to choose numbers for him. Dip randomly picks the numbers. The player has to tick the lunchtime option present on the betting slip if he is playing lunchtime. The player also needs to select how many days he wants to play. 

The gamblers can play seven days in a week. The rates of the game are not fixed they can be selected. The bets can be placed until the game’s original time starts. The UK Lunchtime results are available here. We have uploaded the results of lunchtime today. As the player know that the draw time of lunchtime is 12:49 PM. After the draw time of the lunchtime result you can check it out on this website. 

The rules of the lunchtime are quite simple. The player can choose the 6 number or 7 numbers as draw. The number 7 is included with the booster ball. Number 6 is without the booster ball. Booster ball’s benefit is that you can add one extra number for the game. 

The player wins the game if all the numbers matches which he selected. A player needs to match all the numbers which he has drawn. If the player wins, he will be paid according to the bookmaker’s rules. The rules depend on the odds and the size of the bet. In case the player selects 6 number and all the number matches. Then he gets 6 pounds and receives total amount of 7 pounds. These are the odds of winning a single game. 

The rules of the UK 49s are made in discussion with the betting industry of UK. The rules can be different from different bookmaker. Every shop has its own minimum and maximum bets. The gambler should check out all the rules before playing the game. In this way the doubts and confusions can be avoided. 

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