Everything About Garden Rooms & Garden Room Installations

by Anna Eliza Business Advisor
Summary: Garden rooms are luxurious installations installed in your garden area. These rooms are easy to build and do not require planning permissions in most cases. Garden buildings can be used for various purposes like garden offices, gyms, games rooms, and so on. A shed is different from a garden room in terms of its purpose and size. Before building a garden room one should consider certain factors like the size, the proper proportions, the positioning of the garden room, and so on.

Everything About Garden Rooms & Garden Room Installations

Everyone wishes to own a luxurious property that everyone else will admire. These days, making your property look luxurious is not a big deal. Garden rooms are a great addition to a property as it not only provides you with a spacious living area but also give your property a sophisticated, luxurious look.

A garden room can be defined as an extension garden building installed or built on your garden space. A beautiful garden room can look luxurious from the outside and can be used for various purposes. Building bespoke garden rooms, are simple and does not generally require building permissions unless you want to use it as a bedroom for the long term. It can be a get addition if you want privacy, less disturbance, and space to carry out both work and leisure activities in your house.

Uses of Garden Rooms 

Beautiful garden rooms can be used for both work-related activities and for leisure. A garden room can be constructed to make a garden office. Working at home can be difficult and distracting. However, building a garden room via reliable garden rooms designers can help you get this problem solved. A garden room is installed outside your house, in your garden area. Thus, there’s no chance of getting distracted because of other household activities. As it is built in a garden, it is relatively quieter and thus, more peaceful in comparison to the rooms or spaces inside your house. This also makes it the perfect corner for resting or leisure. For instance, if are not able to practice your hobbies in your house, a garden room can provide you with the perfect space to practice your hobbies and be perfect in them.

Garden rooms can be used for making a home library, a gym, a sunroom, a games room, and so on. People also use garden rooms for hoisting house parties and as guest rooms in occasional cases.

How are Garden Rooms a Great Alternative to Traditional Home Extensions?

Traditional methods of extending homes can include building a conservatory or extending your house, or loft conversions. However, all these processes are complicated, time-consuming as well as expensive. These also require building permissions and the entire building process can take months. Whereas, building conservatories take a few weeks. It mostly depends on the size and the purposes you want to build the garden room for. In this case, choosing the right garden room builders is also a factor to be considered. The right garden room builder can help you build luxurious garden rooms affordably and in less time.

Difference Between a Shed and a Garden Rooms 

Although both sheds, as well as garden rooms, are outdoor installations and are created for different purposes. Listed below are the basic differences between sheds and garden rooms.

  • The purpose of installing garden rooms is to add a comfortable living or usable space to your property outside your house. Whereas sheds are mainly designed for storing and storage purposes.

  • Bespoke garden rooms are a luxury addition to the property and can increase the value of your property. A shed is constructed mainly for the useability that it provides and is not considered a luxury addition.

  • Garden rooms are watertight and are completely insulated garden buildings. They can be weather resistant and are more comfortable for use for various purposes in comparison to sheds.

  • A shed generally has a single window and looks dark even during the day. A garden room will have more windows in comparison to a shed and thus allow enough light to fall in. Although one can arrange for electricity for both shed and a garden room. In that case, you have to choose a source that is close to the garden building or the shed.

  • Garden rooms are more durable in comparison to sheds. Sheds can stay intact for a maximum of 10 years. Whereas, garden rooms can be used for as long as 60 years. This is also because more materials are used to install garden buildings in comparison to a shed.

  • Sheds are comparatively smaller than garden buildings and thus cannot be used as a garden office or a gym. Luxurious garden rooms are spacious and can be used for different purposes such as gym, office, games room, and so on.

Tips to Consider for Installing Beautiful Garden Rooms 

Before you decide to install a garden room to make a garden office for other purposes there are a few things that you should consider to make the installation look appealing and also serve its purpose.

  • Since garden rooms are smaller in comparison to normal buildings, everything has to be in proper proportion. Thus, you should discuss the height, the proportionate overhang, and the window size with the garden rooms builders before the final construction process begins.

  • Before you think of designing your garden room via garden room designers, decide the purpose for which you want to use it. For example, if you want to build a garden office, you should keep the building small so that it cannot be used for carrying out multiple activities. Sticking to the initial plan will make it easy for the garden room builders in building a garden room with proper proportion.

  • People generally end up complaining about the small size of the garden rooms. However, if you want a big spacious garden room, you should not stress about losing your outdoor space. Moreover spacious, luxurious garden rooms will also have large windows to allow you to enjoy the view of your garden in all seasons.

  • Decide the positioning of the garden room and discuss it with the garden room builders or garden room designer. The comfort that garden rooms or garden buildings provide also depends on their positioning. For instance, if you want to make a garden office, you will not want the sunlight to fall directly on your desk. In that case, you have to decide as per the movement of the sun across the garden area and install the garden room accordingly. 

If you are looking for garden room designers for installing bespoke garden rooms on your property in Preston, you should consider choosing experienced garden room buildings that have a record of installing garden buildings in the area.

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