Essential Thing You Need to Know Before Dermal Filler Treatment in Singapore

by Andy Cheng Director

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments are gaining popularity all over the world because of its visible results coupled with the minimal downtime associated with them. Treatments such as dermal filler injections and thread lift are among some of the most widely accepted anti-aging treatments in the world. 


The global market for dermal filler treatments is expected to grow at a compounded growth rate of about 8% during the period 2017 to 2021. Dermal filler treatments are perfectly safe and effective for the aesthetic treatment and anti-aging, provided you’ve done your homework to find a reputable doctor.


If you have always wanted to undergo a dermal filler treatment, you might want to know these 8 important things before getting for one.


#1 Regular treatment can prolong the results


One of the reasons why dermal fillers are gaining popularity is because of its unique capability to add volume and decrease wrinkles at the same time.


if performed well by an experienced doctor, it can provide deep rejuvenation to the skin and stimulate collagen production, leading to a younger-looking skin in the long run.


#2 Most dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally-occurring compound found in the body. It is present in large quantity in younger skin to keep the skin firm and plump. As we age, the production of HA diminishes and the skin becomes saggy with visible wrinkles and fine lines.


Thanks to its ability to store moisture and its compatibility with the human body, doctors are using HA dermal fillers such as Restylane to plump up the skin to give it a hydrated look.


#3 Good dermal filler treatment should look natural


Undergoing dermal filler treatment can be addictive because you see immediate, visible results. But make sure you don’t become obsessed with it. A good treatment should make your skin soft and supple. Overfilling your face is becoming common especially when doctors charge low unit price so that they have to do more to earn a higher profit margin.


Always remember - natural-looking, rejuvenated face should be your goal. Do not overfill.


#5 Choose a doctor wisely


Dermal filler is just a product for facial rejuvenation. A good product is useless, or even dangerous, if it falls into the hands of an inexperienced injector. 


Dermal filler treatment is an art. You want to find an experienced doctor whose work you like and have the same philosophies as you. Always ask for some before-and-after photos of his work during the consult. Don’t be afraid to ask for training and certifications too.


#6 A bad filler job can be reversed


If you are unhappy with the outcome of the dermal filler treatment, don’t worry. In most cases, it can be reversed with an enzyme to dissolve the HA filler that is injected into the face. Sometimes, a bad job can also be rectified by balancing it out with more dermal fillers.


However, most collagen dermal fillers such as Sculptra, Ellanse or Radiesse cannot be reversed. If you are unfamiliar with the doctor’s skills, it is best to stick with HA fillers first.


#7 If it is too cheap, something is probably wrong


Be very cautious when you shop around for a dermal filler treatment. If you see an irresistible deal, be very skeptical. Most reputable dermal fillers cost about $350 per syringe. If you are paying anything less than that, something is wrong.


Expect to pay about $800 to $1,100 for a decent dermal filler treatment performed by a reputable, experienced doctor.


#8 It is addictive to undergo a dermal filler treatment and you have to keep repeating it


You probably have to keep going back for a dermal filler treatment because you are addicted to the youthful appearance you can achieve with just some minor injections.


Once again, HA is a naturally-occurring compound found in youthful skin. There is little or no known side effects for undergoing a HA dermal filler treatment. In fact, the more regular you undergo the treatment, the longer the result will last.

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