Essential Skills for a Java Developer

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Java is a robust, scalable and secured programming language for all kind of web or mobile application creation requirements. It is at the heart of the software development industry since its inception. Today, if you are a pro at Java development, then you are considered as the core of applications developer.

So, if you are working towards upscaling your career and want to be hired as a Java developer you must take into consideration below points:

  1. Learn Java 8 – One of the most important things for a Java developer today is being a master in Java 8. These days almost all the Java development jobs require Java 8 skills, and it would be difficult to perform well in the Java interviews if you don’t possess them.
  2. Learn Spring Framework, i.e., Spring Boot – It is significant nowadays for any Java developer to learn Spring framework. Companies are preferring development using Spring Boot, Spring MVC, and Spring Cloud for web applications, REST APIs Microservices, and other Spring frameworks. They make the applications more testable through dependency injection, the key for the modern-day software.
  3. Learn Unit Testing – A pro-Java developer can write unit tests for his or her code as testing comes a long way with various tools for automation testing, integration testing and unit testing available to the Java developers.
  4. Learn APIs and Libraries – You might have noted this while working with great Java developers is they have a vast knowledge of Java Ecosystem and APIs. As one of the most popular and mature programming language in the world, Java treasures tons of libraries and APIs. The familiarity with critical APIs like XML processing APIs – JAXB and Xerces, JSON processing APIs – Jackson and Gson, Unit testing libraries – Mockito and Junit, and more will distinguish you from other Java developers.
  5. Learn Kotlin - Kotlin is an excellent language from the company behind IntelliJ IDEA, JetBrains. It is also the official language for Android development, announced by Google in the year 2017. If you master Kotlin, it will not only improve the productivity but also help to explore the Android development arena.
  6. Learn Microservices – The architecture of application development is always changing, and companies are moving from the monolithic application towards the microservices. For Java developers, it’s imperative to learn Microservice architecture and to create Microservices in Java to be at par in this recent wave. Learn DevOps Tools – It becomes essential for modern Java developers to have knowledge of DevOps and possess a familiarity with CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment). It helps set coding best practices and create build scripts, guidelines, and environment.
  7. Learn the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Better – The essential trait of excellent Java developers these days is to be a pro in your tools. As the IDEs like Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans are the most critical tools for Java programming, it becomes significant to spend some time in learning them better.

Conclusion –Master the superior skills to be an acceptable developer of the recent times.

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