Essential Health Benefits of Acupuncture

by Dr. Attilio D'Alberto Acupuncture & Fertility Expert in London

Acupuncture is a holistic approach to treat pain, mostly chronic pain in the muscles of the body. The treatment is part of traditional Chinese Medication and is regarded as an alternative therapy to regular medical process to reduce pain and swelling. The treatment is relatively safe and promises little to no pain at all. Here is a list of conditions that acupuncture can treat:


Ø Muscle spasms and pain

Ø Chronic back problems and pain

Ø Headaches, including reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines

Ø Neck pain

Ø Osteoarthritis

Ø Knee pain

Ø Allergies

Ø Digestive problems

Ø Mood, depression


Although the regular medical science board never accepts acupuncture to be a great alternative therapy to treat health problems, there are instances where acupuncture proves to be more successful than regular treatments. We are not going deep into those scenarios. However, we are here to discuss the essential benefits of Acupuncture:


Plays a significant role in reducing migraines and headaches


If you are suffering from chronic headache problems, acupuncture treatment can be effective in providing some relief to the scenario. Sham sessions have proved to cure the situation, thus providing much relief from migraine problems. In fact, the acupuncture treatment, if carried out properly, will help in decreasing the intensity of headache pain. 


Considered extremely effective in treating insomnia


Yes, that’s true! Acupuncture London University claims that this treatment is carried out suitably can be helpful in treating insomnia and sleep disorders. In fact, patients who are undergoing regular treatment to cure sleep disorder can also consider this therapy as an additional option for better gains. And correctly so! Acupuncture therapy, when carried out along with regular medications; definitely help in providing fast relief and better results.  Also, unlike those medical pills that come with several side effects, acupuncture treatments never offer any kind of side effects. 


Prevents Cognitive Decline


Age-related diseases like the Parkinson’s can be cured through the help of acupuncture treatment. I am not saying that the person will achieve complete cure within a period of few days’ time, but the chances of enjoying a better health are higher if the treatment is carried out regularly and as per the advice. The patient’s is being diagnosed with Parkinson’s may often find difficulty in sleep, depression, anxiety, pain, handwriting, walking, tremor, and slowness. There are no adverse side effects, however to the situation. 


Can work wonders in chemotherapy and cancer recovery programs


A brief session of acupuncture on a routine basis will help in boosting the speed of recovery for a cancer patient. It also helps in boosting the immunity power of the patient. Some of the research works have figured out that acupuncture Twickenham clinics have treated patients with results showing significant improvement in platelet count, immunity rate, and an increase in healthy cell growth.  


Acupuncture treatment, if carried out by expert hands, can help in better results. However, as already mentioned expert hands are required to get the job done and witness significant improvement in health.

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