Enjoy Your Outdoor Activities – Wearing Contact Lenses

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For vision correction, whether you choose to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses it’s your personal preference like lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget or many other factors helps into the decision-making process

In terms of vision, comfort-ability, easy to use contact lenses and eyeglasses both have their pros and cons. Eyeglasses require little cleaning and maintenance as well as you don’t need to use your hand to touch your eyes to wear them. Eyeglasses are cheaper than the contact lenses you can use them for a long duration as you don’t need to replace them often. On the other hand, contact lenses have many advantages over the glasses. Contact lenses can be placed directly on the cornea of your eyes so vision is unobstructed as well as there are many benefits of choosing contact lenses over the eyeglasses, such as:

Contact lenses are an efficient solution for Athletes

If you are involved in the athletic activity, contact lenses are the best option for you to wear during sports, exercise or any other outdoor activities. They do not move around with your head or eyes movement, you don’t need to worry about falling out or breaking. Contact lenses do not interfere with your safety gear such as helmets, caps or goggles.

Wider field of view

Contact lenses directly placed on the curvature of the eye, so you can get excellent focus and wider field of view than glasses. Your lenses will also be safe in adverse weather conditions like fog, rain and they won’t get steam up in hot conditions. You won’t even have scratches on the contact lenses that would otherwise have on your pair of spectacles.

Change the color of your eyes

Using decorative contact lenses you can change the color and shape of your eyes they don’t correct your vision but you can hide the natural color of your eyes. Whether you want a natural or subtle change you should speak with an eye care professional before using such colored contact lenses.

Wear contact lenses - Be stylish and fashionable

If you wear eye makeup, though eyeglasses can complement your look they may get in the way. On the other hand, by wearing contact lenses you don’t have to compromise on your style. Many of you can opt for light reactive lenses to protect your eyes from the UV rays.

Maintain comfort-ability

With proper cleaning, maintenance and hygiene contact lenses are quite comfortable to wear. If you follow proper instructions of the eye doctor, you can even enjoy the maximum comfort for the longer duration without any issue.

Precautions need to be taken

If contact lenses are not comfortable or you are experiencing redness, swelling or pain in your eyes, remove your contact lenses immediately and contact optometrist. Do not wear contact lenses in any other activity which may require perfect vision.

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