Enjoy Pilates During Pregnancy And After

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As well as enjoying the benefits of post natal Brixton Pilates to help get back into shape there are also benefits you can enjoy during the pregnancy too. While there are some women who are lucky enough during pregnancy not to have backache, swollen joints and other aches and pains, many women do. This is because there is so much happening to their bodies, weight to carry, adjusting the centre of gravity, hormones being released that affect joints and ligaments. This is necessary to have the pelvis ready for the baby. But that loosening then leads to instability that is reflected in the back pain. When a woman is experiencing this it is normal to also have a change in posture and not for the better. As the pregnancy continues and stomach muscles loosen further to make room for the expanding womb the pelvic floor stretches further. Pilates can help.

What you can enjoy with prenatal pilates

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for anyone, before pregnancy, prenatal, postnatal. It helps improve core strength, helps people have a better awareness of their body and its strength. It is adaptable to your ability and situation and you can enjoy many benefits. Prenatal Brixton pilates helps improve pelvic stability, ease back pain, learn focussed breathing, improve flexibility and even help you during childbirth. A big part of the struggle when you are dealing with all the physical changes is the emotional and mental impact it has. Regular exercise is a safe and effective way to feel better!

What to do next

If you are interested in exploring what pilates can do for you while pregnant first check with your midwife or doctor to make sure you have the go from them. In the majority of cases, women can do it with no problem, you just need to make sure the moves are adjusted as the pregnancy progresses. But there are some women who doctors advise to perform very light or gentle exercise only, or even who need to rest, even bed rest. So asking is important to make sure you can do it safely.

If they okay prenatal Brixton pilates classes look for instructors who have experience and specifically lead classes for pregnant women. You want then to know how to adjust the moves appropriately so you and the baby are safe. It is also an added bonus for the classes to be small so you can enjoy some more one on one attention. Overstretching is something you want to avoid especially later in the pregnancy.


You cannot change what pregnancy does to your body, it is all necessary to adjust to and grow a small human being! But there are things you can do to ease the aches and pains these changes bring. Pilates is one of those things, and it also makes for easier labour too. What is great about Pilates is that you can enjoy it in post natal Brixton classes too, after you have recovered from the birth of your baby, and use it as a great way to get back into shape and find some important ‘me time’.

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