Employment Physicals: The Benefits and What Makes it a Must

by Chris Parker health advisor

Here is a guide on employment physicals and why it has become an essential factor before onboarding an employee in a company. The employer may request a physical exam for a new job, and this employment physical is a mandatory procedure for getting you on board. Medical tests like this check whether you’re in good health and physically fit since certain tasks require a strong and healthy man to perform. 

While there may be several types of pre-employment procedures needed, pre-employment physicals help determine your physical health for the job. In this article, let's discuss pre-employment physicals and why is it important.

Employment Physicals: The Reality

A pre-employment physical is a medical procedure that is sometimes required to check the fitness level of an employee. This test helps understand the physical and mental state, and it can be one of the common onboarding steps many companies actively initiate. 

It also depends upon the nature of the job position, if it requires mental or physical strength. Particularly to ensure that the employee physicals are stable and capable of performing any given task. Through this test, the employer gets an idea of the health status of its prospective employee. Accordingly, they can make an informed decision on whether to hire the candidate or not. 

What are the benefits of such physicals? 

Fit to work

A candidate may not be aware of their health condition during the application process. There are underlying health challenges that reveal after a medical test is performed. The candidate’s condition can affect their job performance, so employment physicals are necessary. It ensures a candidate is a perfect match for the job role. They may not be honest about their medical history. But, the test will reveal a detailed history of their health condition. Offering transparency for employers and employees to make a call on the job! 

Safeguarding from legal complications

Pre-employment medicals allow employers to know the underlying disease and conditions. If the employee develops specific symptoms while on the job, they cannot hold the company liable for injury/illness.Plus, it will also clarify that their health condition is deteriorating, and they need a checkup at physicals clinic. It will safeguard the company and employees to make suitable health call and follow up with the doctor with proper medications and checkups. 

Reduce employee absenteeism 

As an employee, you want to give your 100% dedication at work. And, for the employer, you want good attendance, no less employee turnover. Through pre-health check-ups, employees understand what they have to focus on.  And accordingly, employers will call on recruiting them, not based on the test. 

Since there is a job that requires hard work and strength, employers cannot risk hiring someone who isn’t physically fit. As the chances of them quitting later are higher. Therefore, tests allow both the employer and employee to make a smart choice in advance. 

What can you expect during your physical test? 

Well, it depends upon the position you were offered and to evaluate if you qualify for it or not. It is essential for the person applying for the job to know if they are an ideal fit since their job can drain their health and cause more complications if they are not healthy. 

What you can expect during employee physicals includes: 

  • Being asked about your family, their medical history, and so on

  • Learning about your lifestyle, and your general health

  • They will have your weight, height, and blood temperature checked

  • They will also collect your vital details and other information

  • They can assign you a physical examination 

  • In some cases, proceed with screening for drugs or alcohol (especially if a job requires heavy machinery work)

  • Check your vision and hearing 

Wrapping up

Many people don't realize the importance of employment physicals. Until, one fine day, they discover their health deteriorating, which could have been treated before. An employee expects you to be healthy, active, and dedicated to work during your employment phase. So, the best way is to reach out to the physicals clinic for a quick checkup. 

Similarly, an employer wants employees to know their health conditions before committing to the job. In both cases, it will be beneficial for employers and employees to understand their well-being and health. It will allow employees to get on board and start working without stress! And give the employer the satisfaction that they have onboarded the right candidate. 

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