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by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder
 This time however we use the square brackets. So a nice example of an array might be something like a grocery list or basically anything where we need digital marketing agency in Mumbai to anytime we need to group together a bunch of values that form kind of a list. OK. So we might call this grocery list. OK. And email marketing company in Mumbai just simply set this to a bunch of values within these brackets. I'm going to make this a string array obviously that makes a little more sense to me. And this is going to contain something like X. We can have some milk. Maybe we'll have some flour. 

OK maybe Additionally we'll have some busser in here. And so on and so forth so we just kind of making a shopping list for some grocery items. OK, so we can print this list out just like before we cool prints. Type in grocery list to give this around sir and it's just going to print so everything. Note again the square brackets instead of the round brackets. Now let's say open by the way guys email marketing company in Mumbai can actually change values these just like we would any other variable so I wanted to laserdiscs sign my number two pull to be something else. And it can be completely different it could then be a mix to pull if I want. Similarly,

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  •  I can change my grocery list to something completely different. So we can now have this be the same thing basically minus maybe might milk maybe you no longer need any milk or realize I have some already. So we're going to take that element out. 
  • That's fine. I can give this another run through. And as you can see the same list just without milk. So let's say I do not anymore once you access the entire list I just want to access a single element within my list. Well, I'm actually going to get rid of that. 
  • I did want my full four elements. So let's say email marketing company in Mumbai want my second woman I want this element called milk. I know it's going to be index one. So I just want to print out whatever I can find.
  • So rather than just printing out the entire list, I can actually take this. Paste it and next to the name of my list. I'm going to put the square brackets and the index of the element I want in this case index one will return me milk. Again I give this a run through. 
  • And as you can see milk is being printed here. Similarly, I can access actually a range of values so let's say I want the first two. OK, then the way I format this is the minimum value colon maximum value. 
  • Now the minimum value, in this case, is the first element so email marketing company in Mumbai can actually leave this blank on the maximum value is going to be this one. 

So we have to put the index of the item above the one I once wax. So this is index one so it's up my upper range to be indexed too. So then it stops once you get to the index. And if I've run this it should just print out my first two elements eggs and milk. Similarly, I can do the reverse and I can maybe Stoss index two and go until the end cape and this is going to print on my last two elements if I want for example just my third element I could call the OLman index to all I could say for whatever reason two and three. And this is just going to print out my third element flava. OK. So arranges a Pursey handy so let's say Now we have a list of items. OK. And we realized that one of the items is actually wrong.

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  •  I go with my list and I say OK I actually don't need milk anymore but I do need something else I need baking soda perhaps. KATE Well then I might want to replace the settlement with a new element called baking soda so we can create a variable that will pass and a lesser value. 
  • And all email marketing company in Mumbai need to do is take my grocery list and reassign the elements at index. In this case, one had to be something like again. Baking soda should work fine. 
  • So if I were to print out my grocery list now oops I wanted to copy this. Sure. Although we go and then print off this again. And as you can see my second element is replaced with baking soda. 
  • So it's just simple as accessing the index and then re-assigning the value. Similarly, I could actually reassign it to something completely different going to be a sign to a number two or something if email marketing company in Mumbai wants it and that's fine that works just doesn't really make sense in this context. 
  • Now let's say I wanted to add items to my list. OK, there's a couple of ways we can do this. We can append isomers onto the end or we can insert items into the middle. And luckily for us, both operations are actually quite easy. So let's say first of all I want to just stick ice months the end because that's the easiest thing to do let's say Oh no I do actually need milk.
  •  I'm going to stick that back onto the end of my list so we can just say grocery list don't spend.

 OK. And inside my brackets here I would put the name of the element I want. I'm just using these real values by the way email marketing company in Mumbai can actually create actual variables for these and pass them into the brackets. In this case, maybe I do want to add milk again and I just want to print off my grocery list.

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