Effective Acne Scar Treatments Performed by Doctor

by Andy Cheng Director

Acne scar treatment is a common medical service provided by most medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore.

Medical technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. over the years, medical scientists have developed treatments to achieve better results with shorter downtime. 

In particular, results of acne scar treatments in the past used to be modest as treatments were slow and ineffective. In addition, the downtime was long. Side effects were also intolerable. In the past few years, acne scar treatments saw improvements in terms of the treatment process and the expected outcome. From chemical peels to skin resurfacing laser treatments, these positive developments in scar management have given people the ability to participate in their social activities with little impact.

We are fortunate to be able to pick the brains of one of the most brilliant aesthetic doctors in Singapore, Dr. Siew Tuck Wah to tell us more about acne scars and the treatment options. 

Why Do Acne Scars Form?

Acne is a skin disorder that affects the hair follicles and the oil glands. Acne develops because of the inflammation of the follicles and the oil glands when they are clogged with oil and dead skin cells. 

If acne is not well managed, it may lead to formation of acne scar etched permanently on the face. Other than permanently leaving dark red blemishes on the face, acne scars can also bruise your self-esteem. Steps must be taken to treat the blemishes and acne scars in a holistic manner or else they may not resolve on its own even when you enter adulthood.

The body reacts to inflammation of the skin by producing collagen to close the wound and repair the skin. If the body produces too much collagen, it creates a mass of raised tissue, also known as keloid. However, acne scars are usually depressed. Depressed scars form because there is a loss of tissue. 

Common Acne Scar Treatments 

There are many types of scar treatment or scar removal creams that are sold over the counter. If you have purchased them before, you might realise that they often don't work. 

The good news is that doctors are able to address your acne scars. A decent, well-equipped aesthetic clinic should have the full range of acne scar treatments that suit your skin type.

Doctors often recommend either a chemical peel or laser treatment when cream and medications don’t work.

CHEMICAL PEEL treatment is a skin resurfacing treatment that uses a special blend of strong acid. A thin layer of the chemical is applied to the top layer of the skin to dissolve the dead skin cells. 

The new skin that grows after a chemical peel treatment is generally smoother and softer. Chemical peel is often not the first choice of treatment for many doctors because the results are often modest. Furthermore, many sessions are required in order to see some results. 

LASER TREATMENT Even after so many years of advances in medical technology, carbon dioxide fraction laser resurfacing remains the gold standard for treating acne scars. 

eCO2 Laser is one of the latest carbon dioxide fractional lasers in the market. it uses a patented Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT) to improve the safety level of the treatment, thereby making it more comfortable for the patient. With the new CCT technology, the CO2 laser treatment also yields better result with shorter downtime.

With equal heat distribution between every shot delivered, it reduces the discomfort during the treatment. It also means that the downtime is shorter, promoting faster healing after the treatment. It was also shown that with the new CCT technology, the efficacy of the treatment is not compromised, providing equally remarkable result after each treatment.  

CO2 laser treatment works by inducing superficial damage to the top layer of the skin. By doing so, the body stimulates collagen production over the next few weeks when the new skin and collagen grow to replace the dead skin cells. 

Depending on severity of the acne scars, the doctor may sometimes recommend a program of up to 5 sessions to see improvement in acne scars. 

DERMAL FILLER For people with severe depressed scars that leave deep craters or depressions in the skin, dermal filler treatment can be an effective and convenient option. Using a soft filler, the doctor is able to fill and smoothen out the pit or depressed scars to make the skin look smooth and natural.

Dr. Siew is the Medical Director and co-founder of Radium Medical Aesthetics.

Radium Medical Aesthetics offers a wide range of customized medical treatments to enhance your anti-aging journey, making your skincare routine a sensorial ritual that you look forward to every day.

It is conveniently located at #03-326 Suntec City Mall, Tel: 6837 0507. For more information, visit

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