eCommerce Payment Gateway’s Significance in This Digital Era

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With customers giving 60% of their time to online shopping, the eCommerce in the Netherlands is increasingly reaching new heights. eCommerce payment gateways are becoming increasingly essential in the eCommerce ecosystem. Today, on average an eCommerce website uses three to four payment gateway options to deliver a wide range of flexibility to the customers.

On the basis of requirements, multiple eCommerce payment gateways have trimmed competitively in the market. Are you in the difficulty examining the right payment gateway? Adhere together, we will assist you in facilitating this task. This extensive blog brings you an expanded list of payment gateways. Also the advantages they have for you and your eCommerce website.

eCommerce Payment Gateway

An eCommerce payment gateway can be specified as the digital solutions or software applications that authorize and streamline online transactions or different platforms and also deliver the vital infrastructure for it. The payment gateway operates digital POS services and processes credit card transactions and other kinds of payment requests for online businesses.

Usually, an eCommerce payment gateway makes the transactions in the modes mentioned below:

1.        Approval. Here, the application inquires whether the customer has enough funds and can perform the payment.

2.        Capture. In this, the money for the authorized transactions transfers directly to the merchant’s account.

3.        Sales. This mode comprises approval and grabs transactions. Firstly, the funds approve and then captured by the merchant.

4.        Refund. In this part, the merchant pays the customer back in case of canceling the order or any other kind of reason.

5.        Void. In this case, the payment is refused by a merchant before it gets debited or performed by the customer.

Kinds of eCommerce Payment Gateway

An eCommerce website with a payment gateway makes a dedicated bonding with the customer. It merges with the credibility of the website. Payment gateways have taken various directions to make payment processing convenient for both the website owner and the customer. There are different kinds of payment gateway options for you to prefer.

l  Hosted Payment Gateways. A hosted payment gateway implies that the service provider redirects the checkout page to their own servers. Developers love these payment gateways as this in a sense such as outsourcing and easy to integrate.

l  API accessible gateways. These gateways are preferred by those merchants who do not like the customer payment details to be forwarded to other servers. These online payment gateways are flexible but need a web developer to perform many tasks.

l  Direct payment gateways are offered by payment processors. It is a robust payment gateway processor. And a web developer can make it an entire part of the website or application. But it has many complications and requires good development skills to integrate.

l  Platform-centered payment gateway. The best example of a platform-centered payment gateway is Shopify where a merchant simply requires a merchant account. It also manages stock and uses the already available payment gateway.

Opt for the best e-commerce payment gateway solution

With the mushroom development of payment gateway providers. It has become even more challenging to prefer the most suitable payment gateway solution. Also, there is no fixed measuring scale to select the best one. You must highlight the below-mentioned factors before making a choice:

l  Per payment transaction charges. Charges play an essential role in selecting the best payment gateway. When online transactions occur in large volumes, basically a fraction of the difference makes a large effect on the figure that merchants take home. Usually, there is a fixed processing fee than a variable fee according to the credit card service provider. Ensure you understand all kinds of fees before you’ve performed with integration.

l  Transaction volume that processes successfully. Website credibility depends on how convenient and protected a transaction is. The success volume of the best payment gateway is about 95%. None of your customers want to be hanging in between the payment successful or unsuccessful level. You require to perform proper market research before you prefer a payment solution.

l  Security standards. Your customer authorizes the payment gateway with very delicate information. One which must not be compromised at any cost. As a developer, it is your job to assure the details are encrypted well before it lets on to another server. When a website has multiple payment gateways, its security requires an increase and must be fulfilled by selecting the most secure payment gateways. An eCommerce payment gateway that contains several features with lower security standards is a clear NO.

l  Easy integration and management. Web developers function through the complete software development cycle and do not even spend a lot of time integrating the payment gateway. There is no easy way out of it but one must not get involved in too many complicated payment gateways. As they are the ones who require to be liable for its management later. It must be assured that the payment gateway is reflexive for customers also.

l  Multi-currency allowance. We must comprehend that an eCommerce platform has an international reach. A merchant may deal worldwide and would never want to be restricted by the choices available in the payment gateways. A customer never likes to pay in foreign currency as it will cost him an exchange fee. So every country the merchant reach should take online payments in local currency.


Features may differ, but a website with an online payment gateway should stay secure and convenient to use. Integrated into the website to streamline card payments, eWallet payments, and other methods of online payments. A payment gateway is essential for any eCommerce website. 

WebPays is one of the leading teams of experts who deliver top-class digital skills for mobile app development, software development, personalized app development, and eCommerce website development services. If you require any eCommerce payment gateway platform. Let’s connect with our experts for the most dedicated payment gateway solutions that are suitable for a robust online eCommerce business.

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