Eco-friendly Roofing shingles to consider in North Carolina

by kapil Mehta # Guest Blogger

Eco-friendly Roofing shingles to consider in North Carolina

Roofs are one of the most important parts of a building because it protects the house from harsh weather. When choosing a roof you should go for ones that are affordable, durable, and eco-friendly. And this is because eco-friendly roofs have a lot of benefits to users and homeowners.

Firstly, they have a longer lifespan -for instance, a metal roof lasts for as long as 50 years, which is double the duration of asphalt shingles. Again, waste materials from eco-friendly roofs can be recycled and serve other purposes. Moreover, eco-friendly roofs are strong and can withstand harsh conditions, which is exactly what you need to protect your home.

If you “fly the green flag” (the flag of nature) then you should choose an eco-friendly roof because they help to sustain the climate. They also help in keeping the air cool and protect people from heat waves because they do not absorb light but rather reflect it.

Furthermore, some eco-friendly roofs like solar do not require regular maintenance unlike other types of roofing materials. Not only this, when damaged, the cost of repairs is expensive and they are energy efficient. Visit this website for more information on eco-friendly roofs.

Enough of praising eco-friendly roofs, below is a shortlist of eco-friendly roofs that you might love for your home

5 Eco-friendly roofs you should consider when choosing your roof

Cool roofs

This type of roof keeps the house cool because of its heat-reflecting capacity. Cool roofs include every roof that is white or light-colored. There is no need to put on the air conditioner during summer if you have a cool roof because its air cooling abilities will save you the costs of the energy needed to keep your home warm. Homeowners are often advised to choose sustainable materials like metal to increase the effectiveness of their light-colored roofs. They could also add a green area to a flat rooftop to increase oxygen in the air.

While cool roofs are beneficial, they also have some disadvantages, first, homeowners in warm regions don’t necessarily need cool roofs -which is not necessarily a disadvantage. Aside from that, it is expensive to install and maintain. Also, molds may grow on the roof and cause damage if installed in an area with a high humidity level.

Wood shingles

Wood shingles are popular because they give a house a classic look. They come in different shades, are durable, and are eco-friendly. On the other hand, wood shingles are easy to stain. They require special attention and maintenance to prevent mold, rot, or any further damage. Although they are eco-friendly, you are not advised to use wood shingles as a roofing material if you’re in a fire-prone area. Don’t forget to buy wood shingles from companies that produce sustainable wood to avoid roof damages.

Clay tiles

This is amongst the eco-friendly and roofing types you should consider when choosing a roof. Clay tiles are natural and durable. They do not trap hot air rather they let it circulate and bring warmth to the house. Clay tiles come in different colors and styles so you have a variety of options to choose from. Moreover, they can be easily replaced if damaged, and are easy to maintain.

However, clay tiles are heavy, so you have to take note of their weight and whether your building can hold it. There may be a need for additional structural support to ease the burden of the weight of the tiles on your house. And this installation doesn't come cheap.

Corrugated roofs

If you are looking for excellent green roofing material, you should choose a corrugated roof. Corrugated roofs have transformed from the wavy sheet of metal and transparent plastic form that it was previously known for, to more beautiful varieties. Corrugated roofs are the best for harsh weather because they are durable and very easy to fix. And if you’re someone that follows instructions closely you may not need professional help to install a corrugated roof.

Solar roofs

Solar roofs are used by homeowners who want to be energy independent. It works by absorbing sun rays and converting them to electricity. There are two ways to build a solar roof; the first is to install solar panels on your existing roof, And the second is to use the panels as tiles that make up your roof. Solar roofs save on electricity bills, are durable, and don’t require constant maintenance. However, solar roofs are not cheap to install, and since they work with sunlight, they are not useful in cloudy regions.

While eco-friendly roofs are great, you should understand that one type does not suit all roof types. You have to consider the size and shape of your building. Also, you should put into consideration cost, choice, and material before making a roof choice -eco-friendly or not.

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