Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Sectional or Up-and-Over Door

by Magic Door Industries Garage Door Repairs Sydney

Having an Automated garage door is a great convenience, but it requires regular maintenance to keep it working properly. Maintaining your sectional or up-and-over door can help ensure your safety and also improve its longevity. In this article, we’re going to provide you with some easy tips for maintaining your automated garage door so that you can continue using it safely and for years to come.

To summarize what has been said before, there are generally two types of garage doors for residential environments:

Up-and-over doors

They are composed of a single rigid panel fixed on two lateral steel axes which, thanks to counterweights, allow the opening or at least the balanced movement of the door.

Note that up-and-over garage doors take up more space and are therefore recommended especially when adding a gate.

Sectional doors

The main characteristic of sectional doors is their opening: the curtain moves along tracks located in the ceiling with an upward opening, without protruding outside.

The advantage of this solution is the reduction of the space required when opening, and it is fundamentally more elegant and discreet.

When choosing the motor for sectional or up-and-over doors, the parameter to take into account, in addition to the type of garage door and its dimensions, is the space available above and below the door so as not to hinder the movement.

How to Ensure That a Garage Door Works Properly?

Now let's look at the main question of this article: how to guarantee the perfect efficiency of an Automatic Gates Sydney.

Above all, it is useful to keep in mind that any intervention must be carried out by a specialized technician in order to avoid exposing oneself to dangerous incidents.

The individual follows the installer's information and plays an important role, insofar as he is required to quickly report cases of non-compliance, malfunctions, or difficulties that limit in one way or another normal opening and closing movements. Here, the key term is “quickly”. Indeed, do not wait for the problem to get worse or worse.

Now let's see the role of the installer.

Garage Door Service is vital components of every home’s security system. They provide a secure barrier between the outside world and your personal belongings, providing peace of mind to homeowners. However, with great power comes great responsibility – garage doors must also be installed properly to ensure they function correctly.

The machinery directive provides for the maintenance of sectional garage doors to be carried out every year with an obligation of certification on the part of the company carrying out the work, by means of a label affixed to the system.

The company that installs the automation system and is responsible for its maintenance must submit a document containing:


·         the complete drawing of the motorized door;

·         the diagram of electrical connections and control circuits;

·         the list of risks presented by the door and the description of the protective measures adopted;

·         the technical installation and maintenance manual;

·         instructions for the correct use of the door;

·         the maintenance log in which all interventions carried out on the machine are recorded;

·         The EC declaration of conformity.

Rules To Follow For Good Maintenance

Ordinary maintenance must be carried out once a year for manual doors and twice a year for motorized ones, in order to maintain perfect efficiency of the sectional or up-and-over door , and to prevent unforeseen breakages.

Let's now go into more detail with a list of common maintenance operations that must be carried out by a specialized technician on the sectional or up-and-over door:

·         Verification and lubrication of the parts allowing the sliding of the gate

·         Checking and tightening screws

·         Control and evaluation of joints

·         Spring balancing

·         Engine control and cleaning

·         Checking and replacing consumables

·         Final verification of correct operation

A sectional door is always subject to wear: cables, rollers and springs are moving parts that are subject to continuous tension and movement. Several years after installation, it may happen that one of these components becomes less functional or deteriorates. In order to prevent the door from jamming and the garage from being inaccessible, or even worse, from getting stuck in the open position, it is necessary to replace worn components such as cables and springs.

The technician will know when it is time to replace these components.

With regard to the automation system, apart from the above checks, the technician:

·         check the correct operation of the motor release;

·         proceed with the adjustment of the motor limit switches;

·         check that there is no moisture in the electrical panels or in the motor;

·         will keep the detection photocell clean.

Ordinary and regular maintenance by expert technicians, together with the use of LIFE Home Integration motors designed to meet the strictest safety, resistance and durability criteria, guarantee a worry-free automatic opening and closing system. , offering total comfort and absolute practicality.

In conclusion, garage door repairs Sydney are a necessary part of keeping your home secure and safe. From fixing broken springs and rollers to replacing entire doors, professional garage door technicians in Sydney can help you with all your maintenance needs. Whether you need a new door installation or just some minor repairs, the professionals have the knowledge and experience to get it done quickly and efficiently. Their services are available for both residential and commercial customers, so no matter what kind of repair is needed, they’re ready to help.

Don’t wait any longer to fix your garage door malfunctions, broken spring or opener issues. Rely on our certified technicians to repair your door in no time with precision and cost-effective prices. Contact us now and make use of our same day service guarantee!

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