Easy, Smart Tips Related To Cleaning Sliding Windows and Doors

by Andy Lawerence Windows and Doors Installation - Nuview

For people who are environmentalists by nature, nothing is more energizing than having a room that lets the real nature come inside. This is possible with oversized windows and in terms of bigger windows, the first name to emerge in the mind is sliding windows North Shore. The only responsibility on the home owner’s shoulders would be to clean them and this is something straightforward to engage in if it is done on a regular basis. This post here will help you understand some basics of cleaning sliding windows and doors. We cover the step-by-step process of how to clean these windows and doors.

Step 1: 

Clean the Rails

In terms of keeping properties clean from the inside, often doors and windows are ignored and in-depth cleaning is something people don't want to engage in. Because of this, these doors and windows collect dirt and grime in nooks and corners that eventually influence their functionality. To give rails a good cleaning, windows and doors experts recommend the following materials.

  •         Vacuum
  •          Screwdriver
  •          Acetone
  •          Lubricating grease
  •          Toothbrush
  •          Terry cloth towel

A slightly greased towel would be very useful in cleaning the tracks of your sliding windows and doors and allow them to operate smoothly. If some resistance in movement is noticed even after a thorough cleaning of the rail, you will have to engage in the in-depth cleaning of the entire installation. You can follow these steps to safely remove your sliding glass and clean tracks from there. 

1. Pull out The Sliding Door

You can remove this sliding part very easily in two different ways. First is grasping the panel on each side and lifting it upwards and pulling it towards you. The second method is raising the lower rollers using a screwdriver and then pull the panel towards you while lifting up.

2. Clear out The Grime

You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the area and set it free from any dirt, sand, gravel or debris. For even better results, dip a toothbrush into acetone and clean the tracks from inside. This will remove the remaining grime from that area and you can then clean the tracks with cloth towel.

3. Grease the Tracks

Once the tracks have been cleaned thoroughly in sliding commercial windows and doors, you can lubricate them with a tiny amount of lubricant and after lubrication, simply open and close the panel a few times to spread the lubricant evenly on wheels and tracks.

Clean the Glass Surface

The rails of your sliding windows North Shore are clean and now it's time to learn how to clean the glass surface. For this, you will require the following. 

  •          Clean clothes
  •          Paper towels
  •          Foam 
  •          Sponge 
  •          Glass cleaning solution 
  •          Squeegee 
  •          Water and soap

This step can be a messy if you live in an apartment and this is why windows and doors experts recommend placing some rags on the ground.

The process starts with soaking a clean cloth in soapy water and wiping the entire glass surface from both sides. Then, wipe of the soap and water using a clean piece of cloth starting from top to bottom. Regarding glass cleaning, experts recommend that instead of using a scrapping tool to remove stubborn debris, you can repeat the wiping process multiple times to keep the glass safe from any scratches.

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