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Easy Cellar book is a survival course that contains detailed information on how to build an underground cellar, where you can hide if there is a nuclear attack or any other disaster. The author gives you coherent instructions on how to protect yourself and your family from sudden man-made/natural catastrophes by putting up a shelter.  Easy Cellar by Tom Griffith’s ultimate guide reveals really effective and sure-fire methods that are aimed at preparing you for any unexpected emergencies. Tom Griffith is an author of the Easy Cellar book who has created an idea of building a bunker spending less than $400.  Tom has decided to share his knowledge and experience he’s got when working as an inspector for Nuclear Security, with everyone on the globe. He believes that his invention can save the lives of people all over the world.  The Easy Cellar’s author had done in-depth research before he presented his ideas in the ebook format. Easy Cellar will teach you and other homeowners how you can construct your own Easy Cellar, using step by step instructions through the Easy Cellar PDF, as well as videos. The ebook that you get is incredibly indepth, overlaying all kinds of topics, from the fundamentals to the technical. Easy Cellar teaches domestic–owners basic woodworking and carpentry.It additionally touches on the topic of surveying to choose the quality plot of floor in which to construct.Most importantly, Easy Cellar teaches home–owners the way to efficaciously plan for failures and emergencies.Easy Cellar


When the girl was studying in Singapore, her dad in Shanghai used to cook her favorite pickled fresh food, put it in a small pot, wrapped it tightly, and handed it to a stewardess friend from Shanghai by the way Singapore gave it to her. A few hours later, the plane landed at Changi Airport. This greedy girl took the small pot of pickled freshness made by her father from her stewardess friend. Just go home and put it on the fire to heat it up. Taste the taste of hometown. That's the taste of father.
The girl has already left Singapore to go home and married. For so many years, the story of her and dad still touched me. What have you done to let your loved ones eat delicious and missed food? How far can you go in order to bring delicious things to your loved one?

You are the one I love, I wish I could share all the delicacies in this world with you. It's delicious, I always want to keep one for you, and it's the best and largest one; but sometimes, you are not around.

I can’t send you ice cream in summer, and I’m afraid that the food will be cold in winter, so I hugged it tightly in my arms, using my hands, belly and scarf to warm the food, changing cars several times and walking dozens of kilometers. The only worry is that the dishes are cold and not as tasty as they were originally. At the moment when I was sent to you, I saw your surprise and touched eyes, watching you eat it all, and I felt happier than you.

Fireworks in the world, food and drink, men and women, these are just these tiny and delicate time, whether I and you are together or not, one day, when I am older, look back, at that moment, I understand love, and I will finally Have tasted love.

"He used to buy the fried chicken that I like to eat. It was over 30 degrees Celsius in the summer. He didn't eat. He lined up there for more than an hour. He sent it to me and went to do other things. He was so busy that he didn't eat any food. , If we can think more about this when we quarrel, will we not break up?"

"I wanted to eat duck necks, but my ex-boyfriend took the high-speed train from Shijiazhuang to Wuhan to buy a bunch, and then took the high-speed train back that day."

"I used to look at every window in the school’s two-floor canteen in order to allow my favorite person to eat delicious meals. If I don’t serve it well, I would throw it away and buy it again, or order a small stir-fry. In those days that are not well-off..."
"We lined up in the supermarket for an hour to buy him a bottle of jasmine honey tea. Later, he was moved by me. We were together for five years. This year he married our junior high school classmates and had a daughter. I feel that youth is so relentless and passionate."

For you, there used to be thousands of rivers and mountains.

"From Hefei to Wuhan, it was just for her to say that she wanted to eat the best."

"It's just because he likes the melon seeds in my city, and takes a five-hour bus ride to deliver him during the holiday."

"Drive for forty minutes, just to deliver bowls of noodles."

"He had his birthday. We were in a different place. There was no train or plane. The bus took twelve hours. I brought a birthday cake and kept it on my lap. When I got off the train, my leg was no longer conscious."

"The six-kilometer round trip, after completing the walk, came back with an expression of joy and satisfaction."

"We have been in a different place for six years, and he said that he wanted to eat rolled dough, so I bought a ticket to Kashgar and flew for more than five hours, and had to transit in Urumqi."

"In order to buy him breakfast, I can walk many streets alone in cold weather, holding breakfast in one hand, and riding a bicycle in the other, just for him to say something delicious and really full."

"For two years in high school, my dad brought flower maw soup two or three times a week, because my stomach was not good during that time, my family was in Guangzhou, and my school was in Shunde. Although it is not super far away, but love is full."

"It's not too far away. I remember one time at two o'clock in the middle of the night that he wanted to eat dry pot bullfrogs, and immediately went out to buy dry pot bullfrogs. Now that I think about it, I admire myself very much. What a woman.

"That time he caught a cold. I cooked mushroom and lean meat porridge early in the morning, and then I stepped on the spot where he was eating. It was about two hours from my home to where he went to work. It was still raining that day. I am still very happy because it is a very happy thing to give food to the person I like."

"In the middle of the night in Sydney, I begged my roommate to drive me to Eastwood and bought a bunch of barbecues at the barbecue shop. In order to buy a cup of milk tea, I ran several stores (most of the stores were closed at that point) to someone's house. People were stunned at the time. Are you grinning? Tossed their hair coolly and went home with his roommate."

As long as you know that you like it, thousands of rivers and mountains will not be far away. When you are willing, your happiness is also my happiness. It's a pity that not every time the thousands of rivers and mountains are returned with love, sometimes, what is brought back is loneliness and desolation.

"I used to love someone persistently, in order to buy KFC breakfast for her fractured, and wake up every morning in Qiqihar, which is minus 30 degrees Celsius. You can never imagine how much a person who is very afraid of the cold is afraid of the severe cold and waits in the cold wind downstairs every day. , I put the breakfast in my arms, afraid of the cold, after serving the breakfast, I returned to the bedroom, my roommate was still asleep, and my hands were red with cold, and the soles of my feet were cold. Finally the girl recovered and told me that we were not suitable."

"For her to say that she wanted to drink ice lotus seed syrup in hot weather, I quickly made it, wrapped it in a small pot carefully, and sent it over half a city. However, when I didn't like me, it was just a sentence of sorry."

"I drove from the East District to the city center to buy sugar water and sent it to the West District. He said that he would take a ride on the road, but he did not refuse to accept it. But in the end he still didn't feel my heart or said he didn't want to develop the next relationship with me."

"One day he said he wanted to eat stinky tofu. After work that day, he rushed to the city to buy him the most authentic stinky tofu, and rushed home when it rained. He said he couldn't eat after a good dinner."

"Once because he said he didn't want to go out to eat, I took the car for almost an hour to pack him up and eat, but he didn't come down to get it by himself. I didn't even see him."

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