Earn More By Recovering Customer’s Abandoned Cart

by Rahul Kumar Marketing Executive

The Level of competition in the e-commerce market is growing day by day. Opening E-store and start selling products is easy. Research showed, more than 90% of companies either closed within 1 year or within 3 years.

We always thinking about how we can earn more using existing products on the website. Now you can use the abandoned cart module to send a reminder to the customer that they have some products in their cart which they left.

Getting reminder email about Products they interested to buy but not bought. You can send these reminder email using OpenCart abandoned cart module.

It will encourage them to buy products which ultimately help them to make their mind to buy the product. In Marketer Language, this technique is called customer retargeting. It will always help your website name stick into customer mind.

How Abandoned Cart Emails Works?

how OpenCart abandoned cart module works

Every time, when a customer comes to your website. They look into products here and there. After some time they selected product for purchase. They added the product to cart. Because of some reason, they did not purchase the products. This is called Abandoned Cart.

This will lead your website no to earn much. Higher the abandoned cart lower the sale percentage. To overcome this problem, Website must send a reminder email to the customer that their cart has some products,  If they are still interested, they can buy products.

It will help us to increase sale amazingly. The main advantage of this is, Reminder emails are not annoying to your customer.

Wikipedia also mentioned Email remarketing this technique to increase the sale of e-commerce website

Installation of OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module

Installation process if fairly easy. After buying the module, you are ready to install the module. You have tow ways to for installation,   One is you need it into website either using FTP / STP / or FTP client software or directly using Cpanel. Recommend for OpenCart version lower than 3

If you are using OpenCart Version 3.x then the installation is more easy for you. You can install the module by going Admin section and then: Extensions -> Extensions :

Also, you can see this video for installation product: Only for OpenCart version 3.x.

Best Use Case Practice of OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module and Extension.

To reduce your own work. use those modules which can automatically send abandoned cart email to customer after some time or day. This time also adjustable from admin.

Three best use case is, Sending an email like amazon, sending an email with abandoned products present in the cart, Create own Email template and send that email to the customer.  Also if you get some extra time. Please use A/B testing of email Template and use the most effective email template for all the time.

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Sending an email like amazon:

If you ever try to buy any product from Amazon then you might be noticed. You got two-three emails a week. The first email is the reminder email if you tried to buy a product. Now you can still buy.

How many times you clicked on products and go to Amazon. I bet you might click more than 20%? The ratio can up or low.

But it will end up you to Amazon website. Also, Amazon can show similar products. This will increase customer buying percentage.

You can use the same email template as Amazon. Do little changes to avoid copyright issue and it also good for your branding. Add that email template to OpenCart abandoned cart extension. Which will send the reminder an email to the customer?

Sending an email with abandoned products present in the cart

You can use built-in an email template of the module. This Module will do your work. Email templates are well created and responsive. Looks great in all kind of screen.

But you should once check email template yourself. by sending an email yourself. Try to shop for a product from your own website.

And leave website while you have some product into the cart. Send email time should be as lowest as you can.

It will help the module to send you an email as soon as possible. Please check the email template thoroughly in Desktop, mobile screen as well.

Fun Fact: Reason of Abandoned Cart during checkout

According to, There are several reasons which make a customer not to buy a product from your website. Adding Extra cost over the base price of the product has one of the biggest problems.

People do not spend much money. Below Image has listed all reasons.

reason off abadonments during checkout

Create own email template and send that email to the customer

This step is optional. Not recommended for beginner. If you are pro and are ready to invest into the website then read ahead. Else you can go to the next step.

If you are a good designer or have good money into hand. Either you can design a  nice email template yourself. Or get the best designer and tell him/her to design an abandoned email template that gets some good result for you.

Now, you can convert email template to HTML template to get into the OpenCart abandoned cart module. If the module does not support custom email template then, you must ask the module developer company or developer to change the email template to new you created.

If you do not have money as well you are not a good designer. Then do not worry, This step is not for you. Go to the next step.

How many times you should send an email to each customer.

There is no simplest answer to this question. We can only follow the best answer told by experts. As Expert also tell you could send 2-3 emails per week.

According to me, 2 emails are enough for your newly created website. If your website is well known and has good no. of customers then only you can send 3 or more emails a week.

Please do not send abandoned cart email again and again. It will make your customer mad on your website.

There is a possibility they can unsubscribe your website. or never come back to your website again. Use it carefully.

Its Time to check profit from email

calculate profit

There are many tools which can help you to know where sales are coming from. Most of these tools are paid. If you can afford paid service for now. You can follow these simple steps to know profit

  1. Go to Order List page.
  2. Try filter date range, Date range should be previous when you are not using the abandoned cart module.
  3. Check total amount of sales you got this period. For more accessibility, you can export the filtered order list for later checking.
  4. Now do filter again. This time change date range, Date range must that period of time when you start are using OpenCart abandoned cart module.
  5. Check Total amount of sale, again, if you need you can export filtered orders for further checking.
  6. Now compare the Total Amount of sale. if you see significant sale improvement. And not doing anything else than sending an abandoned email.

Note: if you are doing more work on your website to increase sale. and Not using any kind of services like Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager or other services then, It is hard to track profit coming from Abandoned  Cart customers.

Always adjust your email template to get a better result

Always adjust your email template to get a better result


Like, Human learns by time, We must adjust email template after some time.  You can always use A/B testing for an email template. It will always help you get a better performing email template.

Use that email template for abandoned cart module which will ultimately deliver you more sale. Always try to update email template according to trend in your market.

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