Each Worker at Coal Power Plants Generate Electricity 9 Times More Than Wind Turbines

by Rudy P. SysAdmin at howtofindthemoney
Is carbon dioxide gas (CO2) an evil gas responsible for an existential threat that requires governments (taxpayers) spend trillions of dollars to reduce; or, is it a gas so necessary to life we would have a barren planet without it?

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore in an address to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (2015) laid out earth’s history of CO2 and demonstrates that any CO2 that has been added to the atmosphere by human activity has actually SAVED life on earth. Plants die at 150ppm CO2, and about18,000 years ago (peak of the last glaciation) CO2 probably hit the lowest level in earth’s history: 180ppm. Today’s 425ppm CO2 is still below optimum plant growth at 2,000ppm CO2.

One interesting tidbit from his presentation: “A well-documented record of global temperature over the past 65 million years shows that we have been in a major cooling period since the Eocene Thermal Maximum 50 million years ago. The Earth was an average 16C warmer then, with most of the increased warmth at the higher latitudes. The entire planet, including the Arctic and Antarctica were ice-free and the land there was covered in forest. The ancestors of every species on Earth today survived through what may have been the warmest time in the history of life. It makes one wonder about dire predictions that even a 2C rise in temperature from pre-industrial times would cause mass extinctions and the destruction of civilization.” (

On March 9, a lawsuit was filed against the EPA to repeal EPA’s 2009 CO2 Endangerment Finding because: “…A decade of data collected since the 2009 endangerment finding reveal rising atmospheric CO2, the chief greenhouse gas, presents no threat to public health and welfare.” This petition presents the latest research through easily understood graphs and shows why it is impossible for increasing levels of CO2 to increase temperature. Please, read it! (

On another energy/climate-related topic are some startling statistics: “Coal-fired power plants generate 7,745 megawatt-hours of electricity per mine and power plant worker; natural gas generates 3,812 MWh per oil and gas field and utility worker. That super high efficiency and resultant low-cost electricity sustain millions of jobs in manufacturing and countless other industries.”

“In …contrast, wind turbines produce … 836 MWh for every employee, while solar panels generated an abysmal 98 MWh per worker. Put another way, it takes79 solar workers to produce the same amount of electricity as one coal worker or two natural gas workers. Not only will this expensive, intermittent, weather-dependent electricity kill millions of good American jobs; the GND wind and solar jobs will mostly be lower-wage positions installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing turbines and panels….”

Now is a great time to get curious!!

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