Dress can not be the same, pay attention to local conditions vary from person to person

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This is how beautiful women wear clothes 1. Standard type: The female is 168 cm tall. The neck, shoulders, torso, chest, waist, thighs, buttocks and lower legs must be in perfect proportions organic cotton baby romper suit factory price. This standard figure looks good in any clothes. Any popular fashion can be worn under the premise of harmonious color matching. 2. Gourd type: The body is like a gourd. The chest and hips are plump and smooth, the waist is slender, curvy and very sexy. This type of person wears a low-necked, tight-waisted narrow skirt or a figure-eight skirt suit. The material is preferably soft and close-fitting. This is very sexy, full and feminine. If the gourd-shaped figure wears a wide and fluffy dress, it will reduce many charms. In general, this figure looks good in any clothes. 3. Slim type: Slender figure, medium or small chest, thin and flat hips, no fat around the abdomen and thighs China organic cotton baby romper suit factory. This figure should be easier to dress, but avoid bodysuits or low-waist trousers. Suitable for wearing pleated skirts, loose suits, loose pleated trousers. 4. Pear type: The upper body shoulders, thin chest, small abdomen, buttocks are hypertrophy, shaped like a pear. Due to the hypertrophy of the abdomen, the waistline tends to increase, which means that the upper body becomes shorter. Suitable for loose suits, the purpose is to avoid paying attention to the waist. Secondly, the top should be loose, and the length should be suitable for covering the hips. The pleated trousers and the wide jacket can also beautify this figure. Avoid bodysuits, wide belts, pleated skirts or pleated skirts. 5. Leg bag type: There is a lot of fat on the hips and thighs, which looks like two bags hanging on the thighs. This type of body should absolutely avoid tight pants, which will only expose the shortcomings. Wear simple pleated skirts or trousers China bamboo organic baby towel supplier, choose dark colors with lower lightness and lower color. Try to focus on the upper body and wear colorful silk, jewelry or ornaments. Unsuitable clothing also includes: knee boots, tight shirts, large plaids, thick horizontal stripes or trousers with pockets on the back. 6. Petite: A petite body under 155 cm tall, regardless of body type. Due to the limitation of body length, the range of changeable clothing is higher or the body is much smaller. If a petite person thinks that wearing high heels or combing tall hairstyles can make the figure thin and tall, it is in vain. And it will seem funny or out of place. The best dress is a clean, concise, straight design. Vertical-line pleated skirts, straight trousers, wearing the same color series or plain clothes from head to toe, and fitted jackets all make petite people relaxed and natural. Large printed fabrics, thick fabrics, too many colors, loose clothes China bamboo organic baby towel factory, large ruffles, tights, etc. should be avoided. The above introduces some knowledge of dressing. In fact, everything is learned. Dressing is a very esoteric science. I hope everyone will be beautiful every day!

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