Double Chin: The Causes And The Treatment

by Sash Noon Sash Noon

Are you embarrassed by the double chin that gives you a stare back while you look yourself in the mirror? Well, it has been the story of many individuals. Especially the ones who are fairly thin face this embarrassment. The tricky fact about these double chins is that they are genetic and it is not much you can do about it. Whether it is about going for strict fad diets or regular exercise, it will certainly not help at all.

If you are thinking about the best option, then we have it for you. All you have to do is to consider connecting with reliable double chin treatment Toronto service providers. Various companies are known for providing double chin treatment that will help you get rid of this genetic issue. 

To make it more clear, the below-mentioned are the different reasons behind double chin and how you can have it treated, check it out:


An Undefined Jawline

At first, you must get this started by thinking about the support your neck or chin gets from the deepest layer acknowledged as bones. Some people complain about double chin but, what they are actually complaining about is their undefined jawline. If you think about your chin, you must understand that it doesn’t have a strong chin bone for the support that results in the form of a double chin.



     Fillers. If it is a mild case, then going for dermal fillers, injections or additional fat can help you get rid of a double chin.

     Surgery. If it is more sort of a severe case then you might need to go for chin augmentation surgery. In this surgery, a chin implant will be inserted or the jaw bones will be reshaped or moved.

 A tense neck muscle

 You might find a platysma muscle at your clavicle. This type of muscle goes up to your neck right up to your lower jaw. If this is the situation then you might experience gritting in your teeth because of the tension it causes in the muscle.



     Botox: You can also consider connecting with the best botox clinic Toronto service providers. There is a procedure acknowledged as Nefertiti Lift, where the injections of botulism toxin will be used. It helps in relaxing the platysma muscle to help your jaw get proper definition.

     Stretching: If the situation is not so bad then you consider opting for stretches. It will help you elongate your neck. Something like pressing your tongue to the mouth’s roof or tilting your head back.

     Surgery: If the situation gets worse, then you will have to go to a plastic surgeon. They will help you rearrange or completely get the platysma muscle removed to give your neck the required “lift.”


Excess fat

 Another reason that actually can be the reason behind your double chin is an additional fat. But, the best part is that there are several ways with which you will certainly be able to get rid of it without any difficulty at all.



     CoolSculpting: This is another process that will help you get rid of the extra fat. It uses cold temperatures to completely kill the fat cells by freezing it.

     Radiofrequency: There is a wide range of different brands to help you with minimally invasive energy-based treatments. These are in the process of heating the targeted layers that will help in tightening the soft tissue. The fat cells there will be killed by the heat and this will completely eliminate the extra chin for months.

     Liposuction: This is a surgery that will certainly, help you have your specific spots fixed by getting the fat cells reshaped or removed completely.

     Kybella: This type of treatment is provided in the form of injections. The drug used in the injection will completely break down the fat cells to help you have a better-shaped chin.


Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you are clear about the kind of double chin you have and the best treatment required to get it fixed. If you are looking for reliable double chin treatment Toronto service providers to help you with the same, then you can always connect with You will certainly get your embarrassment fixed to perfection!


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