Don't Try These Tips for Thick Hair

by Tyler T. Professional Digital Marketing Expert
If you're a female if there is a male in your life or in your bathroom that uses some of the there's like men for men chemicals in their hair to keep their hair just chemicals that men use in their hair that's safe for men to use that can actually cause fertility issues and a lot of problems with women not to say though what she's saying that's the whole thing about chemicals being bad like the whole universe is made up of chemicals. 

So there's this whole like a push for natural a lot of this is just marketing a lot of cases yes natural is good but we've talked about before some of the DIY natural stuff the grizzle line there's aligned with anything anytime you go too far to the extreme with almost anything it's not good.

but if it's something you just bought made by chemists who are hair experts it's approved by the FDA you don't have to have a prescription for it in a lot of cases it's probably safer for you than some concoction you made out of stuff you mix together from your fridge keep that in mind. 

This is like there's always a balance like a force I tried like six different things but the one that really took my pathetic thin hair and turned it into six luscious locks was that new Greek see thank you. 

I know if there was a product that magically made someone's hair go from something to something in a week everybody in the world would be buying it I'm not saying that it might not have some sort of benefit to your hair and you know what maybe. 

We try it for a week maybe which I don't know if she's gonna eat them or smush them on her head let's find out what are you gonna do with your seeds woman I did do my research a parent did you these seeds have hormones in them that are responsible for hair growth, so I used creme of nature hair products in two ways to treat my hair. 

I made a hair spray and a hair oil let them soak in water overnight the next morning drain them and put the water into a spray bottle or rinse your hair with it after you. 

I mean honestly, this sounds like a way that unless you're doing this in a controlled environment this sounds like a good way to make bacteria growing things this is like think about this leave some sort of food in water overnight let it sit out do you want to eat that no that's disgusting. 

I got results in just a week so uh okay I'm gonna call, yes bright side on this that is not real here's what they're doing they're damaging their entire reputation sacrificing their credibility even if there are actual benefits to this the seed by showing stupid obviously fake results like this like why do this, of course, there are all kinds of other natural remedies you can use to thicken up your hair eggs are one of the best they give your hair a much-needed boost of protein that'll make your strands strong and thick something. 

I think a lot of things assume too that just by dumping something on your head makes your hair like fully absorb it like yes you might be getting some into your scalp but just because there are protein and eggs smashing eggs on your hair does not make the protein of his warm into it some claim that applying egg yolks to the hair can stimulate hair growth however no research has shown egg yolk application is an effective method to reduce the incidence of hair loss or promote new hair growth. 

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