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by Miguel Torneire

The Problem of Refugee in The United States:

The United States of America is facing a huge problem of refugees. Excluding the citizens who are facing the problems of poverty, a huge population is facing the issue of lack of education. Did you realize that if all the refugee girls could go to the educational institutions, we will be able to diminish the rate of child marriages by 64%? Moreover, with every year of education that the young girl receives, they run a 20% more chance of getting a good job in their future.

To put the clear picture forward, around 91% of the total young population attempt primary school education but only 1 out of 6 refugee kids get this opportunity in their hands. Developing Our World is putting all its efforts to bridge the gap by buying books and paying fees for these refugee kids. We want them to have a bright future that they deserve. Equal opportunity is highly important when it comes to the education of children, and every child deserves to get one.

The refugee kids never had the opportunity of the education that other kids have. All their lives they are a victim of a war which never allows them to attend school education. There are some countries which take the issue into consideration and have implemented several laws for the education of their young generation.

Clearly, the government has failed to facilitate the basic needs of the refugees. They have failed to provide them with the basic form of education which is necessary to live a decent life. With the increase in the rate of refugees, we can easily tell that a huge population of them is affected and will not be able to get a bright future. People need to take a step now in order to make the lives of such innocent souls better.

Who is A Refugee?

There are sometimes when the situation becomes important for people, families, and a few times, entire nation to escape a circumstance that has turned out to be perilous to their wellbeing, prosperity, and even their lives. Every now and then, they escape wars or other outfitted clashes, or religious, racial, or political abuse. For their wellbeing and security, they may leave their nation and cross a national outskirt to achieve asylum and security in another nation. Such a process gives them the status of a refugee.

According to the convention held in 1951 relating to the status of a refugee, “A refugee is someone who, owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion, is outside the country of his (her) nationality, and is unable to or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail (himself) of the protection of that country.”

Why Refugee Children Face Such a Difficulty?

Refugees are usually a huge victim of uncertain and harmful political and war situations. Their parents usually flee their homeland either before or right after they born. The refugee camps host these people and give them a place to live. Most of the refugees never make it out of those camps and start to lead a life in it. When their children are born in such a situation, they are not usually blessed with the fruit of education. They spend most of their lives in such camps too, hence, letting their future be the dark side.

During the times of war, schools secure youngsters and set them up for a superior future. It gives a feeling of expectation and empowers them to recuperate, learn, and flourish. Be that as it may, more than 62 million youngsters in the countries, which have become a war zone, stay out of school, while numerous others get just a low-quality education. Notwithstanding this incredible need, the education field has received an incredibly low amount of funding in the past recent years.

What is The Role of Developing our world?

Developing our world is working towards the benefits of human beings. Developing our world is a non-for-profit organization that seeks to put holistic community development into action. Ranging from the small issues to the larger ones, developing our world aims at helping all the people and work towards the benefit of all the causes. Our achievements and history tell our donors about the efforts that we put towards the benefit of society.

We believe, being a human, it is our biggest responsibility to help those who need it. We have taken the torch of leading people towards humanity. The world we live in cares the most about materialistic stuff. There are many people out there who are dying of hunger and thirst. Many of them don’t have the shelter to keep themselves safe. Many children don’t have access to a good educational system which can help them in making their future brighter. Developing our world has come out in the field to help the ones who are less fortunate than us.

The Severity of the Problem:

The problem arises when refugees are prevented from getting into the schools. UN refugee agency just recently released a report through which we got to know about the drastic increase in the number of refugees. The refugees are not getting the type of attention that they require. The number of refugees has somehow increased up to 27.9 million.

Around 3 million of those refugees are kids. Since they all stay in the camps, there is no control over the reproduction process, which is why the population of the young refugees is getting higher and drastically increasing in numbers.

The discrimination towards the refugees has played an important part in the lack of education. They have been denied from the basic education from both their homeland and from their host country too. Even the humanitarians and human rights activists have failed to bring the spotlight to this issue. Barely any organization is considering it as the growing problem. Education is a long-term solution towards the poverty that this section is facing.

Discrimination and deliberate exclusion have played a part. And refugee education has long struggled to draw attention on the global stage, caught between opposing perceptions of the refugee crisis as a short-term “humanitarian” problem and education as a long-term “development” solution.

All the organizations start explaining the technicalities associated with the funding system when it comes to aid to make their lives better. Refugees have heard enough excuses, and now they need people to give them the attention that they deserve to get. Refugees mainly need to see their children in a good education system which can prevent and solve the problem of child labor. it can brighten up the future of their children and help them in growing to be a good and a successful person.

How Will Developing our world Help the Refugee Children?

Developing our world Aim towards providing long-term solutions instead of providing short ones. We aim to develop schools to give the refugee kids the opportunity to get a better education. Due to the law and order situation, we need people to come out o their house and help us achieve our mission through any means possible. We want people to help us in multiple ways. We need to provide the kids with good and experienced teachers who will be able to help them in honing their skills for a better future.

We need enough funds to set up multiple school buildings in order to facilitate the refugees in several areas. They usually lack the means of transport; therefore, even when the help is available, they tend to avoid accessing it due to the distance that they will need to cover on a regular basis. Developing our world will focus on picking out the areas closest to the refugee camps and set up buildings and schools over there. We will convince the refugee parents to send their kids to the schools in order to provide them a better future.

We will be expanding our space on a regular basis in order to accommodate the increased amount of refugee kids. We will be lending free books and bags to the children and reuse the same books for the proceeding years.  Through the donations that we will collect, we will be able to add new stock of books and bags for the new-arriving refugees. Such action will help us in providing at least the basic primary education to the kids. As soon as we succeed in this noble cause, we will form a secondary education institution which will offer multiple courses to the refugee kids. They will be able to learn the skills along with completing the basic education. They will not need any student loan to carry on their education. Every expenses and accommodation will be on the organization. We will provide them with a safe and care-free environment to study and complete their education. Our institution will help them in realizing their talents, improving their skills, and achieving success.

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