Dog Wheelchair: A Solution For Dog’s Mobility

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Many small dog owners face a difficult decision when their dog starts to suffer from mobility problems. Should they get a small dog wheelchair or not? This article will provide you with everything that you need to make this critical decision. We'll cover how small dogs are affected differently and what types of wheelchairs are available for small dogs. 

How are small dogs affected in different ways? 

Small dogs are often at a disadvantage when it comes to mobility, primarily due to their small size. They can't move as quickly or endure the same physical stress that larger breeds can. 

What type of mobility issue is your small dog facing? 

Some small dog breeds are predisposed to several different types of mobility issues. These can occur by several factors, including the style and size of the species, the degree of inbreeding done on their ancestors during breeding practices, or severe injury that has affected both muscles and bones.


What Types Of Wheelchairs Are Available For Small Dogs? 

There are two main options available for small breed pups – small dog wheelchairs and small dog carriers. 

Small Dog Wheelchair: This type of wheelchair is most often suited for small breed dogs who need temporary assistance to get around, such as those with arthritis or recovering from surgery. These small pup chairs are usually lightweight and easy to use, meaning that they're perfect for owners who don't own a lot of experience manoeuvring their pet's chair but still want the option of being able to lift it occasionally if needed. 

Small Pet Carrier: Another popular choice for small breeds is a small pet carrier, which allows them to be carried by an owner while also giving them access to food bowls and water bottles! Some people may think this seems like too much work on behalf of the small pet owner, but the small breed may feel too constricted in a wheelchair for dog and be more comfortable with this form of carrying. 

Do you know what they say about the best things in life being small and furry? Well, when it comes to mobile devices for your pet friends, Best Friend Mobility is here to help. For many years, they have been helping pets of all shapes and sizes with their rehabilitation needs. It's their pleasure to offer you various equipment that can make an already difficult time much easier on both your family member and yourself. If you're looking for a wheelchair specifically tailored to your dogs need under 20lbs, contact them today! Their team will be glad to answer any questions or concerns so you can find the perfect fit for your little friend.

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