Does Your Portable Pod System Crackle And Pop?

by Aanya Alberto A geeky girl and Vape Enthusiast

Often when you are vaping you may hear the device making crackling and popping sounds.

Whether you are new to vaping or not, you might wonder what the sound is, if it is something you need to worry about.

Most likely you can be assured knowing that it’s simply the device doing the job.

However, if the portable pod system starts making sounds that are different than what you are used to hearing.

In fact, it is a good idea to take it in the shop and ensure everything is working how it is supposed to. Either way, these are the things that might be causing the vape crackling and popping sound.

Now, certain sounds are bad and give rise to ugly consequences.

With that said, here are the good, bad as well as the ugly consequences of vape device sounds.

Goes Unnoticed (The Good)

The steady crackling noise, accompanied by the soft hiss is a good sound.

At times, these two sounds become distinct when you have changed the atomizer, Clearomizer, and cartomizer. Now, new machines would have a more prominent crackle, but it would level out to normal.

The crackling, hissing and hissing sounds are very normal. You can use the portable pod system to avoid all the hassles.

However, there might be problems when the sound stops or you start to hear a sound popping noise all time you inhale. The pop and crackle effects might again get normal.

At times, you might sense the sound is changing when you increase the amount of nicotine intake. The sounds are more common in vape mods and some pod devices, but not all.

Warning Sign (The Bad)

There is no doubt that a properly working device would produce a light crackling pop sound, but you must know when the sound becomes a problem.

First of all, if the volume of the popping sound increases, just pay attention to any changes in the taste. The best thing about using portable vape pods is that it doesn’t affect the vaping adversely.

If you notice any unusual bitterness, you must clean the device. Any build-up of vaporized particles would cause a popping sound when the heat increases.

You need to change the wattage setting, airflow adjustment, or see if the atomizer is too wet depending on the functionalities.

When you use a device such as the portable pod system, you don’t need to worry about sounds when the heat increases. Since there are no setting adjustments, you can vape easily.

Time To Act (The Ugly)

When the popping sound gets louder, it gives rise to frequent problems. There seems to be unpleasant spitting that goes with the pop sound.

It is normal that you want to have the best experience, but not with a mouthful of bitter e-juice.

It might either be less or it might not be there at all. All you can enjoy is a flavorful experience.

Finally, the crackling and popping sounds are really among vape devices. There is nothing to worry, but ensure this is not prolonged.

Are you too facing such sounds when vaping? Share your vaping experience.

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