Does Adding SSD in HDD Raid 0 cause Data Loss?

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Users are leaning more towards SSD because of the fast performance, but is it possible to use an SSD in HDD Raid 0 system? Many have this question in their mind who wish to speed up the performance of their RAID 0. But, it is worth finding out if adding SSD into HDD raid 0 causes any data loss or corruption as a result. Here, we will determine the compatibility of an SSD in Raid 0 comprising a hard disk drive

1. How does Raid 0 work?

Generally, Raid 0 is based on a striping method that distributes data cross drive equally and comprises an even number of drives across the array. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer redundancy due to which drives can fail at once across the array. The only great thing about Raid 0 is, it performs faster than other Raid configurations. 

2. Raid 0 will have an unstable array with SSD

With the heading, you must have the idea of what we are talking about. Sadly, adding SSD into the Raid 0 array will make the configuration unstable, which means the system will be more prone to failures. 

3. The exceeding capacity of a controller can damage array

You may plan to speed up the system across the array with SSD, but you need to look for the capacity of the Raid controller. If the capacity exceeds after adding SSD, it can damage the raid array, resulting in data loss. 

4. Impossible to configure SSD storage in a raid

It is disappointingly true that if you try to extend your Raid 0 storage with additional storage of SSD, it is quite impossible. The total storage of the Raid 0 is twice the smallest capacity hard drive. For example, the raid comprises two hard drives with 1TB and 2TB, the total storage of the raid system will be 2 TB. 

5. No speedup with SSD

SSD is known for the fast performance that you intend to add to Raid 0 system. The fact is raid 0 works on the read/write speed of the slowest hard disk in the array. So, it is fruitless trying to fast the performance of Raid 0 with an SSD. 


Concluding all the points, SSD will not turn out to be fruitful per your expectations. Moreover, adding SSD in raid 0 can lead to data loss. So, the better choice is to perform all storage activity with HDD raid only. 

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