Does a Metal Roof Attract Lightning?

by Dalton Kelly Marketing

For the past, some years, a metal roof has become more and more popular. Homeowners are now asking whether the metal roofs attract lightning because they could get dangerous and damage the house's overall structure. Metal is highly conducive, increasing the chance of lightning striking the home –this is mere suspicion.

However, the overall truth is that there is no extra danger of a lightning stroke when you upgrade to a metal roof. The metals roofs make lightning strikes less dangerous for the houses as compared to other roofing materials.

Does a Metal Roof Attract Lightning?

Metal roofs are made up of steel which is a conductive material. You do not have to worry about the danger of lightning that it could fall on your roof and can destroy everything.

According to Metal Construction Association research, the materials used in the making of metal roofs do not influence the risk of a lightning strike. Statistically, metal roofs do not increase or decrease the chance of lightning by any means. However, many other factors can influence the actual chance of a lightning strike.

Are Metal Roofs Safe in Lightning?

Now a question might arise in the minds of homeowners: what if a bolt of lightning struck their home, what will happen, or how much would be the damage. Metals roofs are non-combustible; this means even if the lightning struck the metal roof, it would not burn.

The threat of fire is significantly low in metal roofing because it is more conducive, and it will flow the charge through its whole material. However, when it comes to less conductive or insulative materials, they do not absorb the charge and catches fire quickly.

So, it can be said that the potential roof damage and the threat of danger to the lives of your loved ones ate reduce if you install a metal roof over your home. However, if you are comparing metal roofs with asphalt shingles, you must consider the safety of each material. Asphalt shingles are not that highly flammable, but they are only resistant to mild fire exposure. But the metal roofs are entirely non-combustible, and they are also more durable than asphalt shingles.

Can Metal Roofing Lessen the Chance of a Lightning Strike?

It is not like that if you are selecting the material, it will be deciding whether the lightning will fall on your house or not. However, the type of material decides how much could be the damage because of the lightning. Metals roofs can protect you from maximum damage, and even the lightning is not transferred to the other parts of the house.  However, there are other different factors through which lightning strikes are influences.

Height of the House

If the house is tall compared to the rest of the buildings in the neighborhood, it is most likely to catch lightning. However, it is also not fixed because lightning can fall on any place; it can even hit the ground or the trees or telephone poles or anywhere.

Home Size

If your home has a large surface area, it is more likely to get struck by lightning than a small surface area. The large surface area increases the chance of lightning falling there.


Depending on where you live plays an important role in getting struck by lightning. If you live in an area that keeps on encountering storms and rain, then your home is very likely to be struck by lightning.


Homes present at a higher altitude have a better tendency to get struck by lightning than those at sea level.

If you have questions about metals roof either commercial metal or residential metal roofing, call the metal roofing experts at Watkins Constriction & Roofing in Jackson, MS or Fairhope AL.

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