Do You Want To Throw A Birthday Party In Your Pajamas?

by Marc T. Romero Business Consultant, Marketing
There are quite a few fun kinds of birthday parties for kids. However, one of them that might be the most fun, especially the first time, is a pajamas party. Girls in particular love having events like these, whether you call them sleepovers or slumber parties, or even many of the various other names you might designate for such a happening. The point is just how much they love having friends come over to spend the night, possibly causing all sorts of mischief and mayhem.

There are numerous ways in which you can throw a great pajamas party, but you need to be constantly mindful that a home full of giggling girls is going to necessitate a great sense of humor and a good supply of headache remedy (obviously non-alcoholic). Once you make sure you have enough aspiring available, you can start hashing out the particulars. One crucial detail is that at some point during the sleepover, there will likely be the usual ice cream and birthday cake. This is also typically when gifts get opened. Many kids prefer doing this sooner in the evening as compared to later. It gives them more time to play with their presents with their friends.

If this proves to be the case in your home, then you need to have decorations ready in advance of the pajamas party, and that's honestly just a good idea anyhow. If you choose a certain theme, that's great, but if not, you can't go wrong just using a pajama theme for decor and the cake. You can even wear your fuzzy bunny slippers if you'd like. No one should really complain.

Speaking of those fuzzy bunny slippers, remember that any good pajama party has an ultra casual dress code. Why not throw on a pair and get peoples' reactions? If you're not into bunnies, you can kind lots of other pajama footwear options on the market that could turn out to be a hit for a night like this. You don't even have to spend much if you go to Goodwill or a dollar store for them. Make sure that you bring your favorite nail polish along since manicures and pedicures typically happen as you get deeper into the night. You might even discover that by the time the sun rises, your fingertips and toes might each have their own distinct colors. It's all good fun, though, right? It's also perfectly appropriate for a pajama party.

One issue with pajama parties for birthdays or any occasion for the parents organizing them is that they might seriously underestimate how much eating power the girls have, regardless of their age. You need to have plenty of food available, especially things these girls can just help themselves to. Great midnight snacks can include chips, veggie trays in the fridge, pizza rolls, and especially microwave popcorn if there is a movie involved.

You also need some breakfast fixings that are easy to whip up too, since it's seriously unlikely anyone involved in all of this will have a lot of sleep. That means you'll be very sleepy during the breakfast preparation. Toaster waffles, cereal, and oatmeal are great choices for easily made breakfast choices you can have following the long night of pajama party fun. Make sure there is plenty of juice and milk available to accommodate the variety of morning tastes.

The right pajama party is often a rite of passage that girls dream of long before it actually happens. Make sure you plan events and activities that can keep the nightly fun moving. Also be sure that everyone who shows up feels comfortable in your home. Get to know the parents, and let them know that favorite night-time friends are invited too, be they loved blankets or teddy bears. This really helps with younger kids enjoying their first ever pajama party. You need to make sure this night is successful and memorable for your daughter and her friends. Enjoy movies, food, craft projects, and games to keep boredom at bay until people pass out. When you do these things, then your daughter should wind up with a pajama party she dreamed of.

Just make sure that you have some extra sets of pajamas laying around. Some kids might show up wearing something that quickly turns out to be offensive or inappropriate, or just controversial and triggering. Others might have something that doesn't fit anymore and is too revealing. Food fights can break out that might leave too many girls soiled with their clothing, and you never know what might happen with bathroom accidents, hyper pets, or girls who actually still soil themselves. Remember that these kids are in fact kids, and while you might be ready to mind the herd, some of them might need some fresh individual pajamas to get through the night.

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