Do You Really Understand the Etiquette of Wearing Various Jewelry?

by Elizabeth H. Make Your Life More Colorful

Jewelry is one of the most important companions of women. Women want jewelry to dress up beautifully. Today, with social development, jewelry also plays a very important role in people's social interactions, especially on important occasions. More and more people Both pay attention to their etiquette. Men's jewelry should also pay attention to wearing etiquette.

Wear different jewelry on different occasions, and there are also particular things to wear for different jewelry! I hope that you wear jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also generous, polite, and full of confidence.

Wearing of the bracelets

1. Wearing a bracelet emphasizes the beauty of the wrist and arm, so those who are not beautiful should wear it carefully.
2. You can wear one bracelet or two at the same time. When wearing one, you should usually wear it on your left hand. When wearing two, you can wear one with each hand. It can also be worn on the left hand. Generally do not wear multiple leather bracelets on one hand.
3. In some countries, the number and location of the bracelets and bracelets worn can be used to indicate marriage.

Wearing the ring

1. Generally pay attention to wearing on the left hand, it is best to wear only one, at most two, only the bride can be an exception.
2. When two rings are worn, they can be worn on two connected fingers of the same hand, or on the corresponding fingers of two hands.
3. The thumb usually does not wear a ring.
4. Wearing rings when wearing tulle gloves should be worn inside. Only the bride is not subject to this restriction.
5. The more popular wearing methods in the world are: index finger-means want to get married or unmarried; middle finger-already in love; ring finger-means engaged or married; little finger-means single.

braided leather bracelets

Wearing the pendant

1. Pendants are also called pendants, which are mostly used together with necklaces.
2. When choosing a pendant, it is generally a priority to consider whether it fits well with the necklace, and strive to harmonize the two as a whole.
3. Don't choose pendants necklaces with weird or misleading graphics and texts on informal occasions, and generally don't use two or more pendants at the same time, as they tend to appear overly ostentatious and messy.

Wearing earrings

1. Under normal circumstances, it is only used by women. Of course, men also wear earrings, but the customary practice is to wear one on the left ear and not the right ear; those who wear both ears will be regarded as homosexual.
2. Wearing stud earrings should take into account the shape of the face. In general, do not choose earrings with a shape similar to the shape of the face.
3. If there is no special requirement, do not wear chain earrings, necklaces, and brooches at the same time. All three are concentrated on the front line of the chest, which is easy to be overstated and messy.

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