Do you need to move your business? Discover how to make the move go smoothly

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Business executives resist change because they strongly believe that they will lose something of value and will not be able to adapt. It is difficult for them to comprehend that it is necessary to take risks so as to be successful. It is a good thing that you have come across your fear of taking risks and have decided to move your business. You wish to have access to new talent and opportunities for growth. Relocating your company is the smartest thing that you can do. The move will affect your bottom line, but in a positive way. You need to be as close as possible to the source of income. It is crucial to relocate your organization to so that you can attract newer and larger groups of clients. If your lease is on the point of expiring or if you have just outgrown your space, make the move. You have nothing to lose.

Moving a business can represent a challenge. You need to plan the process really carefully. Any mistake that you make can cost your company a lot. The affair is not exceedingly complicated, but neither is it simple. Picking up and moving a business brings about different issues. As far as the road to success is concerned, it is filled with unknowns. You will want to make sure that you get it right. So, keep on reading to learn what you can do to make the move go smoothly.

Come up with a strategic plan

Naturally, you have to start with the big picture. Put simply, you have to come up with a moving plan. This implies more than deciding on a future location and picking a building. It is necessary to take into consideration everything from the business objectives to the work style. As far as the plan is concerned, it has to be made ahead of time. You have to have a sound strategy long before you come to move the organization. When planning the strategy, take into consideration the logistics factors and brand appropriateness. Will your company thrive in the new location? Learn everything you can about the new environment and figure out if it makes sense to move.

Find the perfect executive suite  

Attracting top talent is indeed a challenge. You cannot expect your employees to follow you. It is simply unreasonable. Not all people are willing to leave their homes. So, you have to provide them an incentive. The members of the team will immediately agree to the move if they are offered a raise and their moving expenses are covered. In addition to what was mentioned before, you can provide your employees a home away from home - in other words, an executive suite. Creative Rental Solutions says that there is no reason why the poor fellow should do the research themselves. Maybe you are not at all familiar with executive suites. They are officing alternative that comprise everything that is necessary to do business. What? Can you not simply use a hotel room? What you have to understand is that hotel rooms are okay when it comes down to vacations and business trips. They do not make suitable homes and are, therefore, inappropriate.

Finding the perfect executive suite is not easy, but neither is it the most difficult thing in the world. Look for a fully-furnished apartment or a place that features the bare minimum, such as a separate bedroom, a living space, a workspace, and, finally yet importantly, a kitchen. Equally important is to pay attention to facilities. For most people, on-site parking is important. They do not want to search for hours at an end for a parking space. Other facilities worth mentioning are free Internet access, laundry facilities, and access to a fitness room. You want to project a professional image, do you not? If the answer is yes, find an executive suite that can offer all of this.

Include internal stakeholders in the process

Employees are not the only ones with an interest in the company. You are forgetting all about the shareholders. Think about including internal shareholders in the relocation process. They have invested in the business and deserve to know what is happening. Do your best to build consensus among the executive team. The process needs to be an efficient one. Ideally, you should have the entire team on board from the very get-go. This makes moving the office a lot easier. In case you were not aware of this fact, internal shareholders have a great deal of experience and can help you make the right decisions. This is the reason why it is important to maintain direct communication.

Tell your customers about your plans

You have to inform customers that you are going away, even if you run a virtual business. It is the right thing to do. Individuals should know that you are switching locations and that the company is growing. It is essential to give customers an official notice. Write a letter. Writing something as trivial as a business letter is not easy. The good news is that there are many examples on the Internet that can serve as inspiration. When you will have written the letter, start building the mailing list. Clients should be included on the list, as well as vendors and business partners. You may want to have a business letter for each category. When addressing vendors and business partners, assure them that the commercial move is not the result of any problems.

Some companies utilize newsletters and promotional films to let others know that they are on the move. You can do the same thing. The moment that the new business is up and running, send follow-up newsletters. You will see that clear communication goes a long way. Take advantage of social media. Post on Facebook as often as you can and keep people engaged in the process. They too want to be part of the change and it would be a shame to deny them this wish. Do not limit yourself to Facebook. There is also Instagram and Twitter.


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