Do Bikers Need Anti Pollution Mask?

by Yashi Ganguly Writer

If you ask me who need anti-pollution mask more than anybody else then my answer would be bikers! Sounds, paradoxical but it is not. The biking has been one of the best cardiovascular exercises all along and many doctors recommend their patients to peddle all the way to their healthy heart. Indeed, bike riding burns calories which help you lose weight.  Bike riding is anaerobic, or cardiovascular, activity. Your body requires oxygen to generate energy in the form of calories.

So is the case with the motorcyclists; on one hand it gives them freedom and also splashes their faces with fresh air, helping them to breathe better. Unfortunately, the pollution is changing games of the rule and bikers have become susceptible to the many diseases including the cardiovascular!

It goes without saying bikers need to breathe in more deeply and more frequently to supply oxygen to their system to keep up the energy levels more than anyone of us. Think of a biker stuck in traffic and gasping for air. In fact, on the red lights, the exhaust emitted from the cars and other heavy vehicles is directly inhaled by the bikers. Most cities in India do not have separate cycling tracks so the cyclists have no option but to use the main road. Moreover, many people ride two-wheelers not for fun but for their living; pizza delivery boys, courier boys, law enforcers and so on cannot think of their life without bikes. All these people need Anti pollution mask as their first and last line of defense against pollution.

Poor air quality is the cause of thousands of premature deaths across the world.  The central government initiative to curb the lifespan of diesel vehicles is a good step but that touches only the tip of the iceberg. Governments indeed are trying to curb the pollution level but much need to be done. Already many bikers are taking the problem seriously. They are wearing anti-pollution masks which give them effective protection from the fumes from car exhausts.

The air in major cities, including New Delhi, is dirtiest of all.  Many researches done across the globe suggest smaller particulate matter is responsible for the most adverse health effects. Particulate matter is measured in microns, equal to one-millionth of a meter. Those that are 50+ microns in diameter can be seen by the naked eye, but those measuring 2.5 microns or smaller, are invisible pose the greatest health risk.

The particulate matter could include asbestos dust from car and lorry brake linings, road dust, fumes from diesel vehicles and pollen. The variation in the size of these particulates comes from the type of fuel and how efficiently it is burned.  Some masks are capable of cleaning pollutants measuring 0.3 of a micron from the air you breathe. The N95 and N99 labels that are commonly used to describe effectiveness refer to the number of airborne particles that are filtered – 95 percent and 99 per cent respectively.  Thus the N99 Anti Pollution Mask for Bikers are best suited for them as they would ensure that almost all the PM 2.5 is filtered out leaving him to breathe freely in his mask, his lifesaver!

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