Do Bad Lifestyle Habits Drive Up Triglycerides?

by Francine Kanter Classical Homeopathy by Francine Kanter

Have you recently learned that you have high triglycerides? It’s quite upsetting to know that, but here’s also some good news – you can certainly reduce the symptoms and better your overall health if you simply tweak a few of your everyday lifestyle habits. Here we tell you what you do wrong and how you can correct those habits to bring down triglycerides, keeping your heart healthy!

Bad Habit #1 – Quenching Thirst with Sweet Beverages

Better Habit – Sugar and fructose raise triglycerides while adding to your weight and putting more strain on your heart. So, quench your thirst with sugar-free alternatives or just water (with some lemon) to keep triglycerides low.

Bad Habit #2 – Eating White Foods

Better Habit – Consuming white sugar, flour, rice, and cereals is poison for the body. Switch to whole grains like quinoa and barley that are flavorful and wholesome.

Bad Habit #3 – A Lot of Red Meat

Better Habit – Red meat contains triglyceride-boosting fats, but lean meats are a better choice. What’s even better are vegetarian meals; just don’t use too much butter, cream, cheese, and/or oil.

Bad Habit #4 – Only Fried Fish

Better Habit – Fried fish has a lot of saturated unhealthy fat, which overpowers the omega-3 fatty acids you need to keep triglycerides low. Instead, keep the servings to just one or two that too broiled or grilled salmon, tuna, or freshwater trout. Tempt your taste buds with some flaxseeds, walnuts, or dark greens alongside.

Bad Habit #5 – Too Much Alcohol in A Day

Better Habit – Too much wine, beer, or spirits drive up triglycerides. Experts of homeopathy in Orlando suggest setting limits on alcohol consumption or skip it altogether; after all, it’s about your health.

Bad Habit #6 – Overeating/ Skipping Meals

Better Habit – Overeating or eating too less? You’d certainly not want triglyceride levels to shoot, so eat sensibly sized meals daily. Good food is the best medicine for triglycerides in homeopathy. Make sure whatever goes into your mouth doesn’t wreck your system.

Bad Habit #7 – Low to No Activity During the Day

Better Habit Get up and get going, don’t sit or sleep for too long. Give yourself at least 30 minutes of daily activity time to keep your heart healthy.

Bad lifestyle habits wreak your body’s functioning, especially when you have high triglycerides. If the situation seems to worsen, consult a specialist, and they’d be better able to guide you further.

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