DIY: 5 Steps To Clean Your Carpet

by Robyna Butera Professional Blogger & Writer

Carpets add a sense of warmth and comfort to your home. They also increase the beauty of the interiors of your house. Despite the various flooring products available in the market, people feel inclined towards carpets. Carpets remain popular among all the households. One of the main reasons that people choose carpets, besides their warmth and softness is that they require less maintenance. Regular vacuuming and once in a while deep cleaning is enough for the carpets to last long. However, carpets are prone to stains, spills, and accidents. Sooner or later carpets get dirty and damaged in spite of your best efforts to keep them clean. 

In this blog, we enlist some DIY methods to clean your carpet. These methods are super easy and effective. You can do it on your own without any professional assistance. Read along to know some amazing steps using the things that are available at your home. 

Carpet cleaning steps using the things that are available at your home:

  • Blotting- It is one of the most important steps when it comes to stain removal from the carpets. Blotting absorbs the stain and prevents it from entering too deep into the fibres of the carpet. Blotting a stain puts less pressure onto it while rubbing may damage or break the fibres of the carpet. This leads to permanent damage to the carpets. Make sure to blot the stain from outwards to inwards, this will prevent the stain from spreading. So, always blot dry a stain instead of rubbing. 

  • Shaving cream- Believe it or not, shaving cream is the best and the most effective ingredient to clean the carpet and keep it fresh. Ordinary shaving cream can remove any kind of stain from your carpet. Apply the shaving cream onto the stain directly and let it sit for approximately 30 minutes. Once the shaving cream sets completely, blot the area to dry it using a clean, dry white cloth. Now, spray a mixture of equal parts of vinegar and water on the stain. Wipe away the solution with a cloth and your stain will be gone. 

  • Ice cubes- Ice cubes are very useful in removing sticky substances such as gums and wax from the carpet. To effectively remove the gum from your carpet, press a few ice cubes onto the gum for about 30-45 seconds. Once the gum becomes solid by freezing, lift up the gum using a spoon and cut the strands of the carpet as close as possible to the gum using scissors or knife. Thus, the gum will be removed. 

  • Dish soap- This is one of the finest ingredients to remove stubborn stains from your carpets such as grease and oil. Such spills are one of the most difficult to remove. Add a few drops of dish soap to warm water. Spray this solution over the stain and let it soak. Then blot it with a white cloth or paper towel. Repeat this procedure regularly if required. 

  • Hydrogen peroxide- There are some carpet stains that are obvious such as bloodstains. Getting rid of such stains can be a great task. Do not worry, hydrogen peroxide is there for your rescue. Firstly, if the blood is dried, loosen it up using a mixture of water and mild detergent. Now, use a butter knife to scrape out the blood from the fibres of the carpet as much as possible. For the remaining blood, apply full-strength hydrogen peroxide directly onto the blood. It will start to foam and fizz. After a few minutes, blot it using a white cotton cloth or paper towel. 

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