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A transformer is a device that runs by electricity. It aims at transferring energy from a particular circuit to the other using magnetic coupling. It consists of no moving parts. A transformer is marked with the presence of two or more than two coupled windings. It also comprises a single tapped winding. In major cases, it consists of a magnetic core that is eventually effective in the concentration of magnetic flux. Transformers are designed uniquely and the improvement in their design is a constant procedure. Transformers are very effective especially for the process of high voltage power transmission.

Types of transformer
Transformers have different types. They are the following:-

Step up and Step down Transformer: Step transformers are mainly responsible for the transformation of a low voltage high current AC to a low current AC system of high voltage. Here, the secondary winding gets more priority, that is, if compared to the primary winding, the secondary winding produces a greater number of turns. Step Down Transformer is effective in conversion of a high primary voltage of low current into a high current of low voltage.

Distribution Transformers: This kind of transformer consists of very less ratings. Distribution Transformers are great distributors of networks to provide voltage transformation in the power system. Distribution Transformers consist of oils that help in cooling processes as well insulation of windings. In India, there are plenty of Distribution Transformer suppliers. The Distribution Transformer traders sell these transformers all over the world. Distribution Transformer exporters in India export these materials and sell them in the international markets.

Auxiliary Transformers: This type of transformer provides power to safety devices which helps in the running of power plants. Auxiliary Transformers are associated with bus generators. It is distinguished into various types. It is also marked by the presence of reverse auxiliary transformers.

Single-phase transformers: We must have learned about Faraday\'s law of mutual induction in our initial days. The single-phase transformers work based on this law. This transformer leads to the transformation of AC power from one circuit to any other circuit. It is marked with two different types of windings.

Three Phase Transformers: The effectiveness of the three-phase transformers lie in electric power generation. It is also useful in the distribution and transformation of electric power in the industrial field. Three-phase transformers have a unique feature that includes the connection of three primary and three secondary windings.

Pole Mounted Transformer: Pole Mounted Transformers have a high quantity of oil in them. They are mainly effective in the distribution of electric utility and conversion of distribution voltage. It is better to stay away from them because they are prone to danger. You will see this type of transformer mostly in the rural areas. They are not too large, their size is small compared to the other transformers.

Transformers are undoubted of great use in the conversion of energy. There are other types of transformers as well which are not mentioned in the article. There is a huge range of transformers available across the world.

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