Discovering Different Types Of Resistance Bands & Their Benefits!

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If you are the one who looks for an inexpensive yet highly effective fitness tool to add in your workout kit, then we introduce you to MAXFIT Athletica resistance bands available in the market today. Resistance bands are truly a remarkable fitness tool that people love to use for fine-tune their body. It is also a great fitness equipment for therapists, gym enthusiasts, home workouts and for frequent travelers for being used for various workouts and exercises.


The resistance bands we currently recommend to our readers are from a leading global brand MAXFIT Athletica which almost creates highly premium quality resistance bands for men and women both.

Key benefits of using resistance bands –

Resistance bands offer amazing benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. So, buying resistance bands for your regular workout will not ever prove a wrong purchase. Especially, when you look for a workout solution for home-use, these bands are also ideal to go with. Exercising with these bands have multiple benefits which include convenience, effectiveness, security and versatility also. Learning the benefits of using resistance bands will make you fall for them more and you would definitely love to place an order for good resistance band right away. Therefore, following mentioned some key benefits of using resistance bands during your workouts.

  • Easily adjust for varied fitness levels –

The first benefit of using resistance bands lies in their varied levels of resistance. Usually, these bands feature resistance level as heavy, medium and light. These levels can easily be adjusted by the user of these bands during the workout. It needs just a slack on resistance band and you can also easily boost the challenge. Therefore, whenever you feel like you are ready to proceed with tougher resistance, you can also change level from light to medium and medium to heavy, depending on your choice.

  • Amazingly adapt to familiar workouts –

The exercises related to resistance band are usually alike the common moves of strength-training. For instance, if you are standing on the one side of cord and then, curl up your arm while holding another side of the cord, the exercise will be replaced with standard bicep dumbbell curl. Hence, its adaptation to familiar physical workouts makes it highly amazing fitness tool of the time.

  • You can exercise on road as well –

As resistance bands are small in size, even more they are easily portable. So, having your bands in your bag you can continue your workout even when you are on travel. Now, you have no reason or excuse to NOT to do fitness exercise, but do whenever and wherever you like and stay fit with resistance bands. Learning about various resistance band workouts, you can also continue your fitness program even when you live in a small room of a hotel.

  • Save on the storage –

If your house does not have much space for even a small home gym, then fitness enthusiasts must look for a small size option like resistance band. YES, they are the best on saving storage as they can also be accommodated even in little storage space. They can be hung on the hook or can be coiled up in a drawer or box once you are done with your workout.

  • Makes workout inexpensive –

Regardless to the fact how you buy them – as a package or individual set, they are quite cost-effective; hence makes workout or home fitness program inexpensive than ever. Therefore, some brands of resistance bands sell these products along with helpful DVDs on guided exercises. So, follow these guided exercise programs and make the best use of resistance bands.

  • Adds variation in workouts –

If you are a regular gym goer, you must know that muscles take some time to adjust to new routine of exercise. Therefore, mixing your exercises up by cross workout training with machines, free weights and also with resistance band can prove highly beneficial for you. Consequently, each combination will affect your muscles in a bit different way.

  • Offers safer exercises to individuals-

Resistance bands are very safe to use as they are free of the threat of dropping heavy weight on the body between heavy weight plates. Similarly for this feature, they are perfect for exercising when you are all alone and exercising without any fitness trainer.

  • You can exercise alone without any helping hand –

Hiring a fitness trainer at gym or personal fitness trainer can cost you hundreds of dollars. Hence, many people seek another way to exercise in which they do not need to take help of any paid assistant. In such case, having a lightweight fitness equipment like resistance band is truly a boon. So, have them in your home gym and also continue your effective fitness workout programs without any helping hand.

  • Can easily be combined with other fitness equipment –

There is no question about the effectiveness of resistance bands on their own. Though it is equally undeniable fact that they present amazing results when they are used by combing with other fitness equipment. For example, using resistance band with dumbbell for doing bicep curls is a great way to have combined benefit for both equipment at a time.

  • Makes workout even more effective –

It is a proven fact that resistance band exercises give certain results in a limited period of time. Due to proven results, they makes workout even more effective. Though differences are obvious in resistance band and free weight exercises, yet effectiveness is assured in both. Taking the example of arc motion that our arm makes during bicep curl. In free weights, you will feel heavy in the starting of the arc; however, with resistance bands, muscles perform harder on the arc end. In both ways, body moves against resistance which gives muscles and body an effective exercise. By involving in regular workout of this kind will help your body be in a good shape in a short span of time.

Resistance Bands – Different Types or Choices Available To Choose From –

Being effective fitness equipment, resistance bands are gaining immense popularity among modern people and fitness enthusiasts. So, if you are also eagerly interested to buy them for yourself to improve your workout results, then first get familiar with some popular choices and types of resistance bands available in the market.

  • Pull Up Resistance Bands –

These bands are easy to discover by its usual 4 feet length. These bands are good to go with when you want a solution to combine with exercises for your lower body or ankles also. This type of resistance bands is good to be used for pull-ups because they provide support to users when they pull their body up by strapping themselves on its bar. While buying pull up resistance bands, it is mandatory for buyers to pay attention to the thickness of the bands as the resistance amount one receives from the band entire depends on the thickness. Therefore, It is simple that the thicker bands you choose, the greater resistance you get. In addition, they are coded in colors to make buyers feel easy to identity band resistance.

  • Fit Loop Resistance Bands –

These are mini bands due to their small size. Hence, many people do not believe in their power when they first spot them. Though the reality is totally different because these simple looking elastic resistance bands work amazingly to make your workout routine even better and more intense while incorporated them to your existing workout also. Fit Loop bands are versatile and that nature makes them one of the best resistance bands available in the market today. They size too small that one can easily accommodate them in pocket. They give great results when incorporated with rotator cuff workouts, stretching, leg workouts and also with ankle pulls. For offering great results, they are easy to be seen with physical therapists in health care centres.

  • Handle Tube Resistance Bands -

This type of bands are categorised by its design which looks to be quite stronger. Normally, these bands are made of powerful latex rubber having nylon or hard plastic handles on its both edges. Therefore, These handles secure the gripping. These bands are good to be used for upper and lower body workouts. You must feel impressed on seeing the range of these resistance band types. They also have a power to offer you a quality workout like a gym anywhere. 

  • Clip Tube Bands –

Clip tube may sound a bit alike handle tube; however, the difference you find here is with the accessories that come with it. Hence, This type of resistance bands come with plastic handles on both edges and ankle cuffs. Usually, they are made of rubber latex material as it gives several options to use them. Just as its name, these bands are easy to clip anywhere. So, in any case, if you do not want to use the handles joint to it, you can clip bands and use the way you like. They can be hooked on the door or anywhere else. Therefore, adding more or extra resistance, you can join bands together. 

  • Bungee Style Bands –

Bungee resistance bands are often preferred by athletes for their hard training sessions; however, their usage is not limited to athletes only. These are very effective as they encourage the creation of explosiveness, strength and also power for a fitness trainee. These bands are often attacked to the person who is exercising, then being held by another person on its end. By properly using bungee style bands, one can have great exercise and have a fit body.

So, these are a few popular types of resistance bands available in the market. All of them have different usages and specialties, but one thing is common in all of them that is the effectiveness. Therefore, their quick workout results and benefits make them an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Best Resistance Bands To Buy For The Best Results –

After learning about different kinds of resistance bands, now, it is the time to introduce you with the best resistance bands available in the market. For instant buyers, Amazon is the best online marketplace from where, they can also place their order for our recommended resistance bands and get them at their doorsteps.

Before we suggest you top 2 most noteworthy resistance bands, we would like to clear that we only recommend the trust-worthy and renowned fitness equipment brands. MAXFIT Athletica is a brand on whom we have a deep trust and confidence. The products of MAXFIT Athletica come with quality guarantee and commit to deliver the outstanding results within limited period of time. Hence, after evaluating the products of MAXFIT Athletica, we introduce them to our friends and amazing readers also.

MAXFIT Athletica Hip Resistance Bands-

Our first recommended resistance band comes in a set of 3 bands and is suitable and beneficial for both men and women,Maxfit Athletica Hip Resistance Bands. These resistance bands are designed for hip exercises and can be used with multiple hip exercises. These are non-slip booty bands and can also quickly activate the posterior muscle groups like hamstrings and glutes. Hence, they are mainly designed for hip exercises, but they also benefit in leg exercises. Therefore, these resistance bands are engineered to offer uniform and consistent resistance and shape up the designated part of body in a very short duration.

MAXFIT Athletica Hip Resistance Circle Band Loop for Women-

These are premium resistance bands from a leading brand – MAXFIT Athletica designed to shape up legs, thighs and butt. Therefore, made of non-slip elastic, these resistance band offers quality workout and also recommended for patients suffering from breast cancer due to great results observed by many women.

They come as a single band, but feature amazing versatility to be used with any fitness method. The benefits it gives include enhanced mobility, strength and better stamina. Women fitness enthusiasts love to use MAXFIT Athletica Hip resistance circle band to strengthen and shape up their glutes and thighs and tone hips and legs.

Above all, Thus here are two the most recommended resistance bands on which we rely from MAXFIT Athletica brand. The best thing about these products is that; the company shows a great confidence in its products as it claims to return money if customers find it not effective. So, buy a resistance band now and start setting up new fitness resolutions right away.

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