Discover the Health Benefits of Yoga on the Mornington Peninsula

by Marta Jordan Writer
Yoga is an ancient practice that enables people to improve their mental and spiritual health through physical activity. People have been practising yoga for thousands of years. Throughout this time, the physical benefits of yoga have become better understood to the point where many health practitioners now suggest incorporating yoga into your daily routine. 

Yoga on the Mornington Peninsula is recommended for all people looking to improve their strength, mobility, and flexibility. Continue reading to discover the wide variety of ways in which yoga can assist you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Improves posture
Many of us spend long hours working at an office desk. Unfortunately, your spine and neck could be paying the consequences of this sedentary lifestyle. Yoga stretches and strengthens your back muscles, supporting the alignment of your spine to reduce back pain and improve posture when sitting or standing.

Increase flexibility
Regular yoga practice is one of the simplest ways to improve your flexibility. Yoga enables you to slowly increase your range of motion by stretching your muscles and ligaments. Increased flexibility reduces the likelihood that you will suffer injuries and can assist relieve muscular tension.

Enhances muscle tone
Enhanced muscle strength is not often associated with yoga. However, regularly stretching and contracting your muscles, and holding poses that require you to support your own body weight, can improve your overall strength and lead to increased lean muscle.

Boosts balance
Maintaining the ability to stay balanced is vital, particularly as we get older. Yoga strengthens the muscles required to keep our balance. Regularly stretching our muscles also provides a better sense of self-perception, which can assist avoid falls.

Supports the health of joints
Yoga is a low-impact form of physical activity and, if practised correctly, is unlikely to lead to serious injury. The poses used in yoga also help strengthen muscles surrounding the joints, improving their ability to carry weight. Health practitioners often recommend yoga (including modified forms) for those who suffer from arthritis, as it can increase joint health and flexibility.

Improves breathing
Many of us breathe in a shallow manner, which has a direct impact on the level of oxygen that reaches every part of the body. Yoga is built around the breath. A yoga instructor will constantly remind their class to focus on breathing, and there exists a range of specific poses designed to open up the chest and stimulate the lungs.

Helps relieve anxiety
While not a direct physical benefit, reduced anxiety has a flow-on effect to every other aspect of our physical health. Yoga teaches us to focus on the level of stress and tension in our muscles and to understand that this has a direct impact on our physical wellbeing.

As a meditative practice, yoga is often recommended to those who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

Yoga on the Mornington Peninsula is a simple, effective way that you can improve your physical health and overall wellbeing. If you have never tried yoga before, consider taking a private class to discover the benefits for yourself. 

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