Digital Printing VS 3D Printing

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Digital and 3D both are the popular techniques of this modern age. The importance and advantages of both methods can’t be denied. They are widely using in the packaging industry as well. The printing is not complete without these both technologies. The differences between both kinds are discussed in various aspects given as follows.

Let’s start from Definition
The digital printing is a reproduction technique in which information and documents are allowed to get identically print from the computer data. It needs suitable equipment along with some defined medium.

Whereas the 3D printing technique is a manufacturing technique having three-dimensional segments along with some raw material. In digital printing, we can reproduce the documents by using some software, drawing, or word processor. The 3D can manufacture a completely new object in 3 parts.

Difference between Materials
Both are totally different in terms of material usage. The digital method requires two technologies. They dominate the whole process. These are inkjet and laser. Both have their own advantages and can be applied according to the need. They operate through differentiated processed. They depend on distinct consumables such as laser toners and inkjet cartridges. On the other side, 3D has more advance and diverse variety of solutions. It has more technophobe printing technologies.
  Following are the 3D technologies.
•    Thermoplastic Material Filament 
•    Light Solidification
•    Glue Agglomeration
The difference in Objective & Targeted Audience
The main difference is that they both have a different audience. Both have different objectives and purposes. The digital method is used by professionals and individuals. The printing packaging is commonly using this method. The ordinary people are also using this technique. 

The people can use in the printing of boxes, bags, bottles, jars, cartons, and other daily usage products. The 3D is adopted by the professionals, industries, and individuals that are passionate in taking new and modern technical methods. The world of medicine is widely using this technology. The objectives are also differentiated of digital and 3D. The manufacturing of the objects on paper is considered natural and straightforward by the people. Therefore, customers select according to the nature of the business and demand. The industries specifically look towards 3D printing. 3D has revolutionized the world of the sectors.

Which one is best for Fast Production 
The 3D has an advantage over other traditional printing methods. It is quicker as compared to the conventional methods. The process of 3D is not complicated. You can print the desired target in a short time period. You can complete the orders of many customers. You can satisfy them by using modern technologies.

 Check Cost Effectiveness
Many people perceive that these modern technical printing methods are expensive. They think that they cannot afford. It is wrong. The digital and 3D both are inexpensive. The printing packaging is not difficult for the sellers of the products. They can print their boxes, cartons, and containers at reasonable prices. You can save your budget. There is no need to spend more on the printing of the packing. You can meet the requirements of the printed preparation at affordable charges. The beautiful and complete printed development will recognize your products in the market quickly. The popularity of the brands depends on the packaging as well. 

Customization Options 
The customization is getting the importance equal to the backbone in every sector and industry. The custom packaging has become an integral part of designing the boxes. You can print and create the custom boxes by using digital and 3D techniques. Both have their own features. You can select any of them according to your need and demand. The customized gift bags, wholesale cartons, personalized packing, and wedding boxes can be printed. The customer can also suggest the design as they like. You can also use these techniques for writing the occasional packaging. There are versatile designs on the arrival of festivals and events. You will get modern and new printing designs with splendid color combinations. It is really supportive of all the brands. It is a valuable way to make your products popular among the customers in this competitive and technical age. 

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