Different Uses of Paper Towels

by Sagar Chauhan Digital Marketing Analyst
A paper hand towel is an item that is omnipresent. It is an absorbent towel made from tissue paper instead of cloth and can be seen in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other places. A paper hand towel is loosely woven and absorbs water immediately. Thus, it can be used only once. Unlike tissue papers, that are dried and creped multiple times, a paper hand towel is dried and creped only once. It doesn’t contain any layer of anti-bacterial lotion. A paper hand towel is created using a single or double ply with various textures embossed on it. The demand for paper hand towels is so high that paper hand towel manufacturers in Malaysia and other countries are producing tons of paper hand towels every day.

The Production of Paper Hand Towel
A paper hand towel is basically a tissue. It is produced in a steam machine where the wood pulp is dried. During the process of drying the pulp, the adhesives are sprayed so that the pulp gets sticky. It is usually a two-ply paper towel that means it has lose molecular framework. Paper hand towels can be made either by pure chemical pulp, recycled fiber or by blending both of them. Presently, to keep the paper hand towel are being produced by mixing the chemically produced pulp with recycled fiber. This maintains the strength of the tissue and prevents it from tearing.

Lesser Known Uses of Hand Paper Towels
Many people think that a hand paper towel is used for cleaning hands and spills. They’re right but aren’t aware that an ordinary looking paper towel can do wonders in daily lives. It is widely used for the following things:
Ø    Removing crayon marks
Remove the wax stain like a pro by covering it with a paper towel and running an iron over it on a low temperature. The paper towel will absorb the crayon wax and protect the iron. This also works for cleaning upholstery and carpets.
Ø    Corn cleaner
You heard that right! A paper hand towel can serve the function of cleaning corns. When a stubborn corn retains its silk, moisten a paper towel and run it over the corn. The moisture content will make the job of removing the silk even easy.
Ø    Keeping the herbs and veggies fresh
The leafy vegetables can be kept fresh for a longer period of time by storing them with a moist paper hand towel. The moist paper towel retains the moisture and prevents the vegetables from rotting.
Ø    Keeping iron pans rust-free
Without washing iron pans properly, the rust begins to accumulate that causes a tussle when you try to clean it. This problem can be sorted by using paper towels. After cleaning an iron-pan, place a paper towel in the bottom of the pan. It can also be warmed in an oven for a few minutes.

A simple paper hand towel will not be overlooked from now onwards. There are several other uses of it as well that prove to be beneficial at the eleventh hour. The fragile and simple looking paper hand towels are widely used all over the world.

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