Different Types Of Branded Pens

by Jasbir Kaur Digital Marketing Executive

A pen can is an implement used for writing, drawing, sketching, and other artistic, academic, and professional purposes. Pens have evolved and developed over time and are used for various reasons. They are of different types such as the following:-


·      The Ballpoint Pen: The ink in this pen is an oil-based one, which flows through a small metallic sphere. A distinctive feature of the ink is that it dries immediately after its contact with the paper. It is the most popular pen and available in cheaper as well as expensive varieties.

·      The Rollerball Pen: The ink used by this pen is gel type ink, and the tip is similar to the ballpoint pen. It was designed to provide the combined convenience of the ballpoint pen and the fountain pen. The ink is available in different colors and can have different effects. For example, they include glow-in-the-dark colors, glitter, and invisible ink as well.

·      The Fountain Pen: The pen requires a water-based liquid ink that flows from an ink cartridge into the tip/nib. This ink cartridge can be disposable or refillable. Both non-permanent ink and permanent ink can be used.

·      The Felt Tip Pen: This has a fibrous and porous tip that is of varying types. Finest ones are used for writing; medium ones are used for coloring /drawing, large ones are used for labeling. They are also available in non-permanent ink and permanent ink

·      The Technical Pen: This is a specialized pen that is used by engineers, architects, and drafters for engineering drawings, architectural drawings, and technical drawings. They provide lines that are of a constant width, which is an essential requirement for such precise pictures.

·      The Ruling Pen: This is used for drawing and allows a person to use either ink or alternative fluids. The pen has an ink slot that is located between two tapered and adjustable “metal jaws.” The width between the “metal jaws” is adjusted by a screw or numbered dial. This, in turn, controls the ink flow and accordingly the width of the lines. This pen is used in calligraphy as well as picture framing.

·      The Gel Pen: This uses ink that is a water-based-gel-supported pigment. The pen is used for illustrations as well as writing. They are available in several designs and sizes, with finger-grips and different sized nibs.

·      The Highlighter: This consists of a broad-tipped felt tip pen. It uses transparent fluorescent ink, which is available in a variety of colors. It is used in illustrations or to mark different portions of text.

·      The Brush Pen: This is a pen that is used for illustrations and lettering and contains water-resistant permanent ink. It provides clear lines that can be varied in width by varying the pressure applied.

·      The Marker: This is used for drawing, writing, and labeling. They are available in different sized nibs, and colors that are fast drying and water-resistant.

·      The Multifunctional Pen: These pens provide multiple features in one pen. Examples include multiple colors in one pen or a pen and stylus combined as one multifunctional pen.

·      The Active Pen: This is also called an “active stylus.” It is used for writing on LCD screens of various devices including smartphones.


Pens also serve essential purposes including the following:-

(1) Writing

(a) Novels, short stories, poetry, and other types of literary work

(b) Education purposes including exams, taking and making notes, essays, compositions, homework, practice, and studying.

(c) For professional or work purposes including taking or handing out notes and job-related responsibilities

(d) Calligraphy, for which special pens are used to produce different types of handwriting


(2) Drawing And Sketching

(a) Sketches

(b) Outlines of drawings and specific paintings

(c) Maps of different types

(3) Stylus in graph recordings

(4) Pre-sterilized surgical skin-marking pens, used by surgeons and especially plastic surgeons for marking operation sites and intricate incision lines

(5) Permanent markers for labeling packaged goods

(6) Whiteboard markers, used for academic and non-academic purposes

(7) Cold-proof pens, which are designed and used for writing in extremely cold conditions


Other types of pens include the Counterfeit Banknote Detection Pen, the Space Pen, the Stylus and the Digital/Smart Pen. In addition to branded pens, first copy pens are also available. These are comparatively less expensive, of high quality and are sometimes available at discounted prices. Thus, pens are an essential part of our daily lives and make it worthwhile.




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