Different Skincare Regimes From All Over The World

by Milla James Daily Business News

When it comes to skincare, we prefer going for traditional routines along with the best Australian natural skincare products. You might have seen people using different routines according to their culture and countries.

So today, we will discuss useful skincare routines from different parts of the world.


Thailand is the land of natural beauty. That’s why people here use lemongrass to stay young.

You might have tasted a strong flavour of lemongrass in the Thai food, but did you know that it can be your beauty potion?

Add a stalk of lemongrass into the pot, fill it with clean water, boil it and steam your face with it. Being an antibacterial, lemongrass cleanses the skin and opens the pores.


They look at beauty more deeply than anyone else would. From using nutritious products on the outside, they focus on eating a balanced diet as well. They believe in healthy living, such as eating well, exercising, and staying positive & happy. If you have an imbalanced diet, it will be visible on your skin. Therefore, for healthy skin, you have to be healthy entirely.

Australian Natural Skincare


Israel people make the best use of Dead Sea mud for their skin. They let natural resources take care of their skin. They use Dead Sea mud regularly to take out the impurities out from the skin and revive the cells so that the skin looks plumper and clean.

Not only the face, but they cover their entire body with the mud and let it do all the work. They also float in the salty water to keep it moisturized and young.

South Korea

We all are aware of the effects Best Natural Skincare effects of Korean skincare routine. In Korea, skincare routine isn’t just a routine; it’s more of a ritual. Kids start doing it in the very young age and follow typical 10-steps beauty regime regularly.

The basic skincare steps include cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing, and sun protection.

This might sound a bit lengthy, but it works wonderfully.

You get the most of K-beauty and get the perfect glow.


Black soap & shea butter makes the Nigerian people more beautiful.

People here focus on natural ingredients for treating their skin.

Shea butter and black soap have been in Nigerian beauty history for several years. You will find them stocking-up these two products in their home.


Brazilians stick to treatments. They go for expensive skincare treatments by the certified dermatologists. They start getting these treatments from their mid-20s. From full-body treatments to regular skincare treatments, they do it all to look as young as possible.

The dermatologists are pretty in demand in Brazil because people choose medical treatments such as chemical peels, hyaluronic acid treatment, etc.

These treatments revive the skin cells and make you look younger.

So which one are you going to try first?

All of these skincare routines are useful and might help you to deal with various skin issues.

So implement one of your favourite skincare regimes from the above along with the quality Australian Natural Skincare products.


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