Different Perspectives on Different Portraits of Jesus

by amelia b. Seo writer

When we look at the different depictions of Jesus, some are more like abstract images while others are closer to reality. We can see many different depictions of Jesus throughout the world. The Bible and other religious documents give us many different portrayals of Him. However, the Christian religion is based around one historical Jesus, and all other portrayals arteries. There have been many pictures of Jesus throughout the ages, and some of them are surprisingly accurate.

The first of these different depictions of Jesus came about during the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Around that same time, King Herod was building a large white building on his land. It was to be used as a temple to honor the newborn Jesus. One of the largest pieces of religious art in the world depicts Jesus in the center of the white building surrounded by several children.

Another of the many depictions of Jesus shows Him as a toddler wearing a white ragged cloth. We can also find numerous African American churches that have a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall. In many of the churches the child Jesus is portrayed as being very small. The white garments, that He wears may also be a way for African Americans to connect with Him as they were denied access to Him during the time of His life on the earth.

Many ancient Roman and Greek paintings also have different depictions of Jesus. The most famous scene from this era depicts Jesus with two children. One of the children is being healed by a Roman healer, while the other is being held back by a worker from the Roman Catholic Church. This particular statue of Jesus is often found in the Italian Renaissance style buildings.

In Spanish and Portuguese depictions of Jesus, he is usually shown as being very small. In these paintings he is often shown as being naked, and being carried by two people. Other depictions of Jesus show him as being covered in a cloak or some other sort of protective clothing. One of the more elaborate paintings of Jesus shows him as being covered in robes which have a crown on top. The crown that is depicted varies between different depictions of Jesus. Most commonly it is made out of gold or silver, but in some cases cloth crowns are substituted.

Not only did the writers of the bible create many different portrayals of Jesus based on different places that he visited, but artists from the times of the early Christians lived by this same principle. After them, artists on all corners of the world drew pictures of the Saviour Christ. No matter where he went or what he did, he was always looked at as a man who accomplished wonders in the world. He was regarded as the one who set the example for others to follow in his footsteps.

Today, there are many African American churches that still have beautiful stained glass windows displaying pictures of Jesus. These churches along with many others around the world are testament to the fact that Jesus was very popular in the black community in America. In addition to this, there are many African American communities in America that have beautiful Jesus paintings on their walls. This is evidence that he was very popular among the African Americans at the time of his ministry.

Stained glass windows in homes in America also display images of Jesus. This is because the early Christianity began to grow in numbers during the Black century. It became necessary for these homes to display images of Jesus, so that the followers of the gospel could identify one another. This was a great way for them to be able to socialize together, learn about one another, and fellowship with one another. It was no different than what we see today in the various clubs and sweatshops throughout the world. The homeboy industries were an attempt by blacks to move up in the world and be included not only in the major institutions of society, but in the most powerful institutions of the world.

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