Difference Between Blue Light Glasses and Computer Glasses

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Blue light glasses, computer glasses, migraine glasses... There are number of names and options that it is almost impossible for anyone to know what is what, especially if you are unaware of the minute details these glasses carry with you.

This article will help you understand the difference between the two: computer glasses vs. blue light blocking glasses. The distinction is very subtle. So, once you know the specifics, it will help you invest in an ideal product for your needs. Without any further delay, let us get right into the details of how do computers, and blue-blocking glasses differ.

What Are Computer Glasses?

Eye fatigue computer glasses are designed to be worn when working before a digital device or screen. Computer glasses are nothing new, and these have been around for quite some time now. Such glasses sport a clear lens and may come in prescription, non-prescription, as well as reading options.

These can simply be used as a preventive means against blue light emitting from your devices. Wearing computer glasses during the day time can help reduce digital eye strain, headache, and migraine signs.

Computer glasses are intended to restrict only a small amount of blue light from entering your eyes. This helps you stay active and alert during the day. But if your glasses reflect green or violet light at you, these are not the ones true to their purpose. The primary function of computer glasses is to reflect blue light while not allowing your eyes to strain during excessive computer/ laptop work.

What Are Blue Light Glasses?

Talking of blue light protective glasses, these are often referred to as computer glasses but are somewhat different. Although these can be worn throughout the day, they are best suited to be used just a few hours before bedtime, especially when you are before a smartphone or computer screen. As the name suggests, the purpose of blue blockers is to obstruct all of the blue light from entering your eyes.

Blue blockers are primarily designed to help you sleep better and hinder any associated side effects. Excessive exposure to blue and green light right before bedtime diminishes melatonin production, a hormone necessary to regulate your circadian rhythm and help you fall asleep faster and undisturbed. Moreover, simply wearing true clear computer glasses will have no positive effect on your eyes or sleep even if you wear them all day.

For this purpose, blue-blocking lenses are manufactured with an amber or orange tint, and this hue is not bothersome to your vision. You can also get these in prescription, non-prescription, and reading magnification at both affordable and high-end prices. Also, you can easily find these at a store near you or online.

In Summary

True computer glasses have clear lenses and are useful during the daytime when using a computer to curb digital eye strain. These also prevent only about 5 - 30% of blue light. However, blue blockers, on the other side, come in orange/ red/ amber lenses suitable for helping you sleep better and must be used post-even. These deter 100% blue light and green light that encompasses between 400nm and 550nm. To know more about these glasses, get in touch with an eye specialist, and check the options available to you.

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