Diet Plan: The Best 8 Tips + 8 Methods for a Successful Diet

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If you want to lose weight sustainably and healthily, it is not beneficial to reduce your meals to a minimum and suddenly do a lot of exercise. This combination is anything but healthy for the body. In addition, there is a strong yo-yo effect when you start eating normally again: You gain more weight and faster than you actually would. We’ll show you how you can lose weight healthy, full and successfully.

Diet Plan

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Tip: Lose weight sustainably with hypnosis & auto-suggestions

If you want to lose weight successfully and, above all, permanently, you have to let go of negative beliefs and mental blocks. Harmful thought patterns have lodged deep in your subconscious for years and stand in the way of any successful diet.

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The weight loss hypnosis of our sister brand mindfy strengthens your self-confidence and motivation with positive affirmations . You develop the thinking pattern of naturally slim people , which makes hunger attacks and yo-yo effects a thing of the past. The audio program, designed and recorded by a professional hypnotherapist, is available for immediate download — and for a fraction of the price of a single hypnosis session

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8 Tips for A Healthy Diet

If you observe the following tips for a healthy diet, you will succeed in losing weight in the long term. We’ll tell you about myths and no-gos that could get in the way of your diet. In this way you finally regain new self-confidence and can focus on other things again .

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Myths About Healthy Weight Loss

There are numerous myths about healthy weight loss and supposed miracle cures which, if consumed often enough, lead to noticeable success. Most of these assumptions are either wrong or unhealthy. To lose weight healthily, you have to eat a balanced diet. These weight loss myths should be eradicated once and for all:

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These fruits act as fat burners

The first myth is that fruits like pineapple, papaya or kiwi stimulate fat burning due to the nature of their enzymes. However, researchers found that once the enzymes are in the stomach, they are digested fairly quickly. The fructose causes the blood sugar level to rise quickly, the fruits are digested quickly and, unfortunately, you quickly get hungry again.

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Hot spices against the kilos

Chili and other hot spices are said to stimulate fat burning. But they only do one thing: they stimulate digestion. They are natural laxatives and, if used in excess, can damage the intestines. In addition, it is unreasonable to spice your food permanently so hot that the stomach and intestines can no longer absorb nutrients because of the sheer irritation. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a little healthy spiciness, but you shouldn’t overdo it or hope that the desired kilos will fall off just by seasoning.

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Coffee makes you slim

Coffee does stimulate the metabolism, but if consumed in excess it also leads to palpitations and tremors and is therefore not healthy. The effect is similar to that of hot spices; if the metabolism is too high, no more important nutrients can be absorbed and it is only a matter of time before you get cravings.

No-gos with a healthy diet

Avoid radical methods on a diet that is good for your body. That means: no cabbage soup, no weight loss pills and no extreme starvation. Especially in combination with sport, starvation is very unhealthy because you don’t actually have any energy that can give you the strength to do so. Your circulation suffers and your pulse skyrockets. If you want to lose weight sustainably and healthily, you have to adapt your physical activity to your energy level. Here are more no-gos:

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Little sleep: When you sleep, you also burn calories and gather new strength to be able to move. In addition, lack of sleep increases your appetite.
A lot of stress: Stress makes you unhappy and prevents you from losing weight in a balanced way, since your body is in a stressful state anyway.
Expectations that are too high: Losing half a kilo a week permanently is a realistic goal. Many people undertake too much, are disappointed, give up their diet or are prone to procrastination. Sustainable and healthy weight loss takes time.

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