Diabetic Patients Should Visit Podiatrists in Houston for Diabetic Care

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Diabetes is a serious problem that affects millions of people across the world every year. It is also one of the biggest reasons for death in the world if complications develop. It can lead to organ failure and death. Foot related complications are common with diabetic patients. It is a big reason for foot amputations in diabetic patients.

People suffering from this disease should take extra care of their health. A podiatrist can be a big help because they can begin to identify foot problems before it leads to amputations. With a help of an ankle surgery specialist in Houston, you can protect diabetic feet and ultimately save the limb.

Diabetes and Feet Go Hand in Hand

Diabetes grows in people who have high glucose levels. In diabetes, the glucose consumed by our body is not absorbed properly and gets stuck in our bloodstream. The hormone known as insulin helps in maintaining sugar levels. In years past this disease mostly occurred in aged people. However, today due to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles, it has started occurring in patients at a young age.

Patients with high glucose levels often suffer from serious foot problems. Devastating complications are associated directly and indirectly with high sugar levels. Some of the common symptoms are skin wounds and infections, decreased sensation, low healing ability of wounds, poor circulation of blood, and many more. A person with diabetes often finds it difficult to fight foot infections because of high glucose levels, which affect the cells that fight the bacteria.

As a result, the bacteria multiply, and the wound gets severely infected. When combined with other symptoms, gangrene is formed due to advanced tissue death and infection, thereby resulting in foot amputations. A regular visit podiatrist in Houston can ensure that all complications are limited in time and, in some cases, prevent it all together.

How do Podiatrists help?

Podiatrists are doctors who specialize in foot and ankle diseases. When the problem is at an early stage, they can fix the problem with medicines, and if the symptoms increase, with a minor surgery, they can restore the foot back to its normal function.

As a diabetic patient, you should visit a podiatrist regularly. They will provide you with a complete foot exam and create a treatment plan specific to individual needs and progression of the disease. Due to their unique understanding of the foot structure and how diabetes can affect, all the treatment is centered to prevent foot problems from aggravating, as well as to keep the function intact within the leg. Asking for help from a podiatrist can prevent serious foot problems because their primary goal is to prevent infection from growing and amputations as a final result. Therefore, podiatrist plays an integral part in diabetic care.

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