Detecting Colorectal Cancer through Stool Test

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor

Colorectal Cancer is the cancer that begins in the colon (also termed as rectum). This is also called colon and/or rectal cancer. The latter two terms are usually used interchangeably because colon and/or rectal cancer have the same features. At most times, the Cancer begins with the growth of polyps (projections) on the inner lining of the rectum. These Polyps usually develop into cancer but not all polyps become cancers. Polyps are primarily of two types, namely; Adenomatous Polyps as well as Hyperplastic or Inflammatory polyps. Adenomatous Polyps are considered to be the conditions which lead to the development of cancerous cells while the latter is not considered to be cancerous. In case a polyp is large or more than 1cm in size, you might think about going for a check-up as it might be cancerous. The same goes for instances in which there are more than two polyps and/or if after the removal of polyp dysplasia is seen in it. To check this it is important to go through Stool Test in Victoria.

Spreading of Colorectal Cancer

In case a polyp has a cancer formed in it, it can grow within the wall of the rectum over a prolonged period of time. The wall of the rectum comprises of several layers. The Colorectal Cancer develops first in the innermost layer (also known as mucosa) and the projects outward through certain or all of the layers. When the cancerous cells are present within the walls, they develop into blood and/or lymph vessels which travel to a lymph node that is near to them or reach out to distant parts of the human body. The amount of the spreading is dependent on the depth of the wall that has these cells grown into. The amount of spreading is also dependent on how much thee cells have spread outside the rectum.

Stool Tests To Find Out Colorectal Cancer

Out of the many tests that are performed to diagnose or find out Colorectal Cancer, stool Test is one. Most common types of stool tests used in these cases are the following:

1.    Fecal Immunochemical test (FIT): In this Test, the stool sample is collected using a brush and placed into a special card and then is sent to the laboratory for testing in container.
2.    Fecal Occult blood test: You collect little samples of your stool on a specific card or cloth and then send it to the lab for testing. The test is performed to find out blood in the sample which might not be visible openly. From a certain number of days prior to the test, the patient must cease to eat certain foods and stop taking certain medications. The Blood present in the patient’s stool sample is a straight-forward indication of Cancer.

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